Thursday – At the Races

We’ve worked out a larger group for Thursday evening who will be on the “will call” list to get track level access to the races.  Below are the names of the next group.  There will be tickets in your name at “will call” – a left turn after you clear your temperature check at the main entrance next to the valet parking area (there is no valet parking available).

You’ll get your ticket and that will give you access to the main floor, not the other levels.

If you’re not on the list, you can still get free admission by making reservations in the simulcast area on the 3rd floor of the facility.  You can get those here:

Donald Coy Jr
Richard Cronholm
Steven Davenport
Ward Denaway
Amy Dullum
Eli Edwards
Kathy Estes
Kathy Fontes
Donny Foster
Tim George
Sophia Grevelis
John Griebenow
Todd Gustafson
Mike Haeuser
David Hagen
Shari Hamer
Jennifer Harris
Rebecca Harris
Robert Harris
Rose Heath
Will Hegeman
Sidney Hegseth
Tina Heidelberger
Jerry Hennen
Vince Heuser

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