Congratulations everybody!

I’ve never been more happy to be so wrong about a race in my life!

She broke like a dream and Alonso Quinonez was able to clear the field and take them into the turn.  As they were moving through the field, our trainer, Nevada Litfin, was pounding on the bar yelling at me that if she makes the turn she’s going to go on.

My supportive client response? “NO WAY!”


She kicked on sharply, especially once she was headed by the 2, Lets Parti Mardi.  She was a game little filly today, that’s for sure.

I hope that some of you had her on your tickets.  At 46-1 she is the longest shot that the Club has every had.

Right now we are trying to formulate a plan for winners’ circle photos.  Downstairs is off-limits so you can’t go downstairs like in the past.  Since we are nearly a co-favorite on Monday and we’re also running again Wednesday, we’ll lump everything together and will have instructions on getting – hopefully multiple – winners’ circle photos by the end of next week.



4 thoughts on “HOLY COW! 46-1 WINNER!

  1. Wow! What a great start. I was on the docket for a ticket today but could not make it. Sure, if I were there I would have bet $100 on our baby–probably not. But maybe next week. Nice going everybody!

  2. Congratulations to the training crew, who obviously know what they’re doing. 🙏

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