Lilfeatheredindian Follow Up

Just some odds and ends:

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Downstairs is off limits to all but racing personnel.  I’m not even supposed to go down there without prior permission, so please do NOT go down there looking for photos as in past years.  We will have a distribution system worked out next weekend after this week’s races (and hopefully more photos!).

Lil’ earned a Beyer Speed Figure of 66 for her race Thursday.  That’s not bad at all.  If she can keep moving up from there, she’s going to be a solid little turfer.  What a great job getting her ready by Team Litfin – obviously Veronica and Nevada but also her groom, Francisco, who takes care of her every day, and her exercise rider, Alex, who puts in the work on the track in the morning so she can shine in the afternoon.

Give Lil all the credit in the world – she was so game and so tough.  We picked up her and Furzy as a package (50% each) with the Litfins and the original plan was to get her a cheap maiden breaker and then move her on.  Well…she disrupted that plan by really taking to the turf in a way that we hoped but didn’t necessarily expect.  The grit and determination she showed and the patience, skill and hard work exhibited by Alonso Quinonez has definitely short circuited those original plans.  She came out of the race excellent and it will be exciting to see where she goes next.

Here are a couple of photos from the race:

Here is the copy of the race chart: Lils Win Chart 7-2.

To watch a replay of the race, perhaps several times (or maybe that’s just me…go to:  Choose July 2 and race 4 and she’ll pop right up and you can relieve the magic!

Now our attention turns to Satellite on Monday and then Furzy on Wednesday!  Pretty exciting 7-day stretch for us!


3 thoughts on “Lilfeatheredindian Follow Up

    • They gave $32,000 for her at the sale, so she was certainly well thought of at the time. She certainly proved she should be worthy of that Thursday!

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