A Little Trouble, A Little Run, Hope Going Forward

Naturally that wasn’t the finish we wanted to see in the Northbound Pride but we took a chance and I hope everyone enjoyed the ride.  I think we can all agree that Ask Bailey is one impressive filly as well.  Away from the races as long as she was and was able to cruise effortlessly from last to the lead and then draw off  to win by more than four.

Lil broke really well but had a hard time settling through the first turn.  Jockey Alonso Quinonez said she was fighting the turn a bit, almost like she came up on it too quickly.  He said that if she were smooth, he could have got to the lead but the priority was keeping her under control through the turn and straighten her out down the backside.  By the time she settled, she was out of sorts and out of contention.

There is a bright spot, though.  As they turned for home she only had one horse beat and she took aim and was determined not to finished last.  She tried until the end and wanted to win something! It was good to see that kind of effort.

Would she have won if she handled the turn better? I can’t imagine that as good as Ask Bailey is, but this was a very talented group and we probably won’t be seeing the likes of this batch again this season.

So we move forward.  She’s had two races in less than two weeks, so she’ll get a little extra time – about three weeks – and we’ll see the options before us come the turn of the month.  We can go first level allowance, an optional claimer a $16,000 claimer – several options should be there for us.  All will most likely entail going back to five furlongs but definitely staying on the turf.

So while it may have been a disappointing result, it wasn’t a disappointing effort, if that makes any sense.

With Satellite not starting for at least another week, we’ll go from frenzy to a quiet couple of weeks.  I will spend it getting some updates, pulling together the financial information for another spreadsheet update and, I’m thinking, answering some questions.

If you have a question about racing in general, our horses in particular, or anything else you can think of, please shoot me an email at ted@grevelisracing.com and I’ll put together a couple of posts in order to answer them!  Take advantage of the lull, if you will.




1 thought on “A Little Trouble, A Little Run, Hope Going Forward

  1. Thanks , that was a cool experience even if the results wern’t what we hoped for.


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