Horse Update, Latest Financials, Pic Info

It was a bit odd having a quiet week last week after a bunch of races so close together, but all is well.

Furzy has moved on.  She was placed almost immediately by Doc. Bowman’s Second Chance Thoroughbred Adoption so she should be nestled into her new home and new job by now.

Lilly came our of the stake a little sore.  Not “omg her ankle!” sore but “man did I get banged around” sore.  Totally makes sense the way she missed that first turn and pinballed a little bit.  Nothing wring with that and she gets an additional week to recoup.  Let’s not forget either that she had 2 races in 13 days, so a little extra time is warranted.

Satellite is ready to go.  We entered him on Wednesday and Thursday in basically the same type of race – low level claiming race going a mile over the dirt.  However neither race filled so we’ll try again this week, most likely on Thursday given the races in the condition book, though you never know when an extra shows up, so Karl will stay aware and ready.

Whenever the next race is, I will have with me packs of winners’ circle photos for those that want them.  I have 37 of each, if I run out, we’ll order more.  I’ll remind everyone before the next race so nobody forgets.

Finally, below is the most recent financials based upon what I have now.  We will get July’s training bills in about a week as well as the vet bills.  The expenses I did know, I included.

Basically, after the July bills are paid, we’re only out the price of the horses – earnings have covered about all our training so far. That’s not bad and we’re not finished yet!

OCRC2020 – Running financials 7-25




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