Admission Process for Wed: CHANGE

There has been another tweek to the admission process and we are being limited as to the number of main floor entries we can have.  There are 25 listed below and Jeff has sent out an email to everyone on the list for the process for them to get their tickets.

There ARE other ways to come, as we’ve mentioned previously.  You can reserve a table on 3 ($15), space on the apron ($10) or in the simulcast center (free).  You can go the Canterbury website to reserve your spot.

Simulcast area:

Other spots:

We try to keep abreast of the different mandates and changes the best we can.  This is what we have to work with for this start.  We’ll keep you posted on the next entry.  Please keep in mind that whatever floor your reservation is on is where you are required to remain so only the folks on the main level will be able to possibly get in the winners’ circle, if we’re lucky enough to get there.  There may be changes there as well as to number, so we’ll let you know should the situation arise.

Thanks for your patience during an admittedly very odd year and GOOD LUCK!

Shari Sellner
Andrew Seltz
Donald Severson
Steve Shaw
Barb Shelstad
Greg Simbeck
Curt Snesrud
Verlain Soulier
Todd Stevens
Jim Storm
Kris Swanson
Earl Taylor
Tom Thompson
Jessika Tischleder
Michael Tomatz
Joe Vober
Craig Waldron
Shirley Waldvogel
Brad Welton
Mary Lou Werner
Melvin Werner
Courtney Whaylen
Dewey White
Jonathon Wiegand
Cindy Wiste
Tom Zessman
James Zimmer
Mike Zimmerman

2 thoughts on “Admission Process for Wed: CHANGE

  1. Hello,
    The first time since joining, I’m able to attend the race, tomorrow. If at all possible, if any of those on the list to attend are not, please consider allowing me to attend, in their place. My main purpose is to photograph, as well as cheer our horse to the finish line.
    Either way, thank you for the consideration.

    Sent from my iPhone

    • If it’s possible we will let you know. We have to submit a list of names in advance to the admissions people who monitor not only our admissions but total admission so the track doesn’t exceed the mandated maximums. It’s not as simple as just pulling one name and adding another, but we’ll try.

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