Lilly 3rd

She broke a little awkwardly and hustled up to take the lead down the backstretch.  She cut the fractions of 21.55 and 44.46 before being overtaken late by a streaking Heighten.  It was quick up front, we were on it and, given that, someone was bound to pick up the pieces late.

It was a bit disappointing to get nosed out for second, as well, the difference being about $2000 in purse money – the difference between paying the bills and falling just short.

Still, though, it’s hard to complain with 3 wins on the year and having Satellite claimed for $1000 more than what we paid for him after a pair of wins and Lil winning a maiden special weight.

Assuming she came out of the race just fine, we’ll be back in a few weeks to take them on again.

We will not be claiming another horse this season.  Turf Paradise has cancelled their season and with more uncertainty out there it doesn’t make sense, with only a month left in the meet, to pick up a horse that won’t get claimed from us because folks are concerned about where to run next.

So we will ride out the season with Lil and see what we can get done!

I will be ordering more of the earlier two photos as well – only a handful each.  I don’t want to get more than we will give away.  I do have some photos left of Ender at Remington last year, if anyone wants one of those.  Just let me know!


2 thoughts on “Lilly 3rd

    • I had them all. I need to reorder the first two wins since I’m out of the 40 each. As I mentioned in the blog I’m only picking up about 5-7 of those. I still have plenty of last week’s win photo. I’ll have them on most race days T-Th and certainly before our next race.

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