Closing Up 2020

What. A. Year.

This was definitely something we did not have on our radar back in January when we were starting to get rolling. We had to defer claiming at Oaklawn and put Nevada and Karl in the unenviable position of needing to get a horses right away so we could get some starts in during a pandemic shortened meet.

We didn’t know we could have nay fans until just days before the first race and then state guidance carried us all over the place over the next few months. We tried to get everyone through the best that we could and probably mis-stepped once or twice as well.

Nevada came up with the ingenious solution of partnering with us on two horses, giving us the opportunity to run twice as much for the same investment. Ironically, Furzy was supposed to be the real runner and Lilfeatheredindian the throw in. Boy did we get THAT one backwards!

Karl picked his way through the early entries to grab us Satellite and reeled off two wins before being claimed for $1000 more than we claimed him for. That’s success by anyone’s measure (ICYMI – Satellite won at Remington last week).

The Club ran in its first stakes race which was a hoot and having a $94 winner isn’t something the Club does often Not listening to Ted and placing a wager would have got you most of your fee back – and then some depending upon how much you bet!

We found Furzy a forever home where she is doing great learning to be a jumper. As mentioned, Satellite was claimed and we sold Lilfeatheredindian for $1000. Not having Turf Paradise running really depressed the market for a turf horse that was going to need to be maintained for the winter, but best wishes to her and the new connections.

Here was our running line for the year (money total includes Nevada’s half of Lil):

8 Starts: 3 wins, 0 seconds and 1 third Total Earnings: $29,182

Not a bad year considering all the obstacles and all the credit goes to Nevada and Veronica and Karl and Clemente, their teams in the barn and our jocks (Ry, Alonso and Betty Jo). Under difficult circumstances they all made it work.

At the beginning of October we will receive the last training and vet bills. By the middle of the month we should have all expenses accounted for and we can move to the final reconciliation and accounting and see where we ended up overall. While we weren’t profitable this season we were tantalizingly close. Hopefully we will have an idea of what the 2021 Club will look like at that time as well.

Our thanks go to all of you Clubbers that make this work and make it such an enjoyable experience for everyone. We really appreciate your participation and you patience – especially during this year of uncertainty.


No Race for Lil; Decisions to be Made

Unfortunately there was not a race for Lil the last couple of days of the meet. We could have tried her against the boys in a $10,000 turf sprint or over the dirt against the girls. We toyed with that last one, but it was not a conditioned race meaning that older horses that have won numerous times would be involved in the contest. As a 3-year old, unproven against winners as well as not as good on dirt as she is on turf, meant that she was not going to have much of a chance and we’d be running just for running’s sake. That’s not really fair to the group and certainly isn’t fair to her.

The choices that remain are we can either go to Kentucky and ship into Ohio (She won’t be competitive at Keeneland) or try and get her sold. It is likely that we’ll take the selling route with her, but Nevada and I will discuss this weekend and see what kind of options we have.

What really hurts is the cancellation of racing at Turf Paradise. She’d be a nice filly down there and be able to compete really well all winter. That could end up depressing the possible price on her.

We will hopefully have some news next week on what we’ll do with her as well as start to wrap up the financials and do a wrap up of a unique season. Off the top of my head, I think if we could have picked up one more win we would have ended the 2020 Club in the black.

Lilly 6th

Lilly finished 6th in the $12,500 optional claiming, five furlong turf race last night.

She broke well and Betty Jo Williams was able to keep her off the early pace and settle behind a wall of early speed.  She angled out through the turn for home and had a straight shot for her to come home if she was good enough, but, unfortunately, she was not against this group.

Lilly fought all the way through and she battled to the wire.  The final margin of defeat was only 2 3/4 lengths.  Both were impressive.  I liked the way horse and rider tried hard to beat the 9 but missed by a nose.  The difference between fifth and sixth is about $700.  While that amount makes no difference to the jock, it’s nice that she was trying hard to the end to get it for us.

Nevada will make sure that she came out of the race okay and we’ll look to the last two days of the meet and see if we can get her in one more time.  We’ll be back in the claiming ranks again, hoping for a $7500-$10,000 non-winners of two races lifetime.  If she runs back to today, I think we could stand a chance at picking up one more win photo before the season ends!