No Race for Lil; Decisions to be Made

Unfortunately there was not a race for Lil the last couple of days of the meet. We could have tried her against the boys in a $10,000 turf sprint or over the dirt against the girls. We toyed with that last one, but it was not a conditioned race meaning that older horses that have won numerous times would be involved in the contest. As a 3-year old, unproven against winners as well as not as good on dirt as she is on turf, meant that she was not going to have much of a chance and we’d be running just for running’s sake. That’s not really fair to the group and certainly isn’t fair to her.

The choices that remain are we can either go to Kentucky and ship into Ohio (She won’t be competitive at Keeneland) or try and get her sold. It is likely that we’ll take the selling route with her, but Nevada and I will discuss this weekend and see what kind of options we have.

What really hurts is the cancellation of racing at Turf Paradise. She’d be a nice filly down there and be able to compete really well all winter. That could end up depressing the possible price on her.

We will hopefully have some news next week on what we’ll do with her as well as start to wrap up the financials and do a wrap up of a unique season. Off the top of my head, I think if we could have picked up one more win we would have ended the 2020 Club in the black.


5 thoughts on “No Race for Lil; Decisions to be Made

  1. Hi Ted – too bad there wasn’t a good race for Lil. Since the club only had a “share” of Lil, would Nevada want to buy that back & take her with him along with the rest of his horses? Thanks, Terrie

  2. Thanks Ted, Nevada and Karl for a great summer even though a little weird. I think we should consider another 1\2 with Nevada. Worked out pretty good for us. Hopefully, things will go better next summer as far as Covid!!

  3. Ted, is there a way we could get the winner circle pictures for this year? Great job with the club under very difficult circumstances this year! Thanks.

    • I do have a few of each race left except for Lil’s first win. I think I ran out of the second batch of those last race. I’ll have to check when I get to the track tomorrow evening. I even have some of Ender’s Remington win last year. Just let me know which day you’ll be out and I’ll have them for you.

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