Final Accounting and Future

There is some finality and some uncertainty as we move forward, closing up 2020 and looking ahead to 2021.

First let’s do the final accounting for 2020 (spreadsheet attached).

We started the year with 127 members (remember we couldn’t have new members this year) and we finished the year with $25,099.40 or

Drum Roll…..

$197.63 per member!

Not bad! Another win and we may have got to break even. A great job from the Litfin barn getting us a Maiden Special Weight win out of an inexpensive filly, Lilfeatheredindian, who tuned out to have quite a heart (and quite an ROI on our wagering!). Also a great job from the Broberg barn with two wins right off the claim AND making money when Satellite was claimed from us for $1000 more than what we paid.

Also our appreciation to Alonso Quinones, Kelsi Harr, Ry Eikleberry and Betty Jo Williams for riding our horses.

Personally, I’d like to thank each and every one of you for being a part of the Club during a very trying and challenging year. I’m glad we could have many of you out to the track, get you some winners’ circle photos and, hopefully, still had a fun year. However I greatly missed the backside tours and the morning get togethers when I have an opportunity to get to know you all better and we can really feel part of the group.

Going forward the road is a little murky, but we’re looking at how best to tweak the Club in 2021. A BIG part of this is a survey that should have popped into your email today. Please let us know your thoughts – this will go a long way in determining what the Club will look like next year. There is a section to be able to write out your thoughts so if you have any ideas, please go ahead and write out your thoughts if you’d like. Also, some of you that follow along but are no longer Club members could get the survey as well – we really do want your input too.

My (Ted) role is yet to be determined simply because we don’t know what the Club will look like – nothing malicious at all. Jeff, myself and others will put our heads together and see what we can come up with which may or may not include my further participation.

The only reason I even bring it up is because should I depart I may not have the opportunity to thank you all for an absolutely wonderful experience. The last seven years (!) have been great. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you all and sharing my passion for racing and Canterbury Park – easily the best part of the gig! Should I not be part of the Club, I will still be at the track every day running our own groups’ horses, covering the racing and, as always, available to you all via e-mail

Watch this space for more information. After the surveys are returned, tabulated and analyzed, the goal is to get this done and announce the 2021 season at the end of the month/early December so we can be ready for your holiday season gift giving needs!


4 thoughts on “Final Accounting and Future

  1. Can not thank you enough, Ted. CBY was pretty much the only thing that kept the spirits up all summer. My wife and I had a great time out there this year.
    Hope it works out and we all can make the 2021 meet all the better.

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