Happy Holidays and 2021

As we round past Hanukkah and barrel into Christmas (along with heavy snow and a blizzard warning for a large part of Minnesota!), we at the Club would like to wish all of our members, friends, family and followers a healthy and happy holiday season and, especially, a soft end of 2020 and a glorious beginning to 2021!

In January we will unveil a “new look” Club and another opportunity for folks that may want more than the Club experience. We have not finalized all the details but we will be working through the holidays to cross the i and ts and and bring you an announcement as soon as possible after the New Year.

While there is not a lot to share at this time, we’re excited about the possibilities and opportunities these will bring to Clubbers – returning and new members alike.

Please be safe through the holidays and we’ll see you on the other side.


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