entry for TQ at Beulah

Horse name Tahitian Queen
Activity type Entry
Activity date 10-27-2009
Track Beulah
Surface Dirt
Distance 1 Mile 70 Yards
Race number 4
Purse $3,800
Claim price $2,500
Individual claim price $2,500
Race type Claiming
Post position 4
Jockey Olesiak J
Race entry http://www.drf.com/static/entries/27/eBEU27.html#4


Final Bills Paid

Both the vet bill and monthly training statement for August arrived today. This should be it but we will wait another week to make sure there is nothing else out there. I have submitted a request for these invoices to be paid.

There was $13,960 in the account.

Vet bill= $356 this includes prep for two races etc
Monthly Training = $1,825
$50 per day = $1535 30 days in training and one out of training (after the meet)
farrier= $100
percentage of earning (10%) for second place finish= $150
pony to gate for two races= $40

Account= 11,779

We should begin the dispersal of the account soon.

TQ Sold

Tahitian Queen has been sold and will likely race in Ohio. She should do well there.
The sales price was $1,500. Much less than we had hoped for but prices were driven down with horses selling for $1,000 (or less for those that can’t really run).

We likey could have sold her for more three weeks ago but then we would not have had that final race. Shipping her to Chicago at the end of the week in hopes of finding a buyer would have incurred costs and we wouyld have ended up at about the same place. This seemed like the lesser of evils and now she will stay in training, whihc is where seems to be her happiest.

The account currently is at $13,960. We will wait for the August invoices to arrive, pay them, and then disperse the account.


Daily Racing Form has a free service that emails you when a horse you wish to follow is works, is entered, and after it races the results are emailed to you as well. This is a great way to watch horses you have an interest in and also to track horses that had a bad trip so that you can look at them as a wagering possibility next time they are entered.

Go to www.drf.com

Then at the top of the page just under the Daily Racimng Form log poinmt at TOOLS and a menu will drop down. Point to Watches and another menu drops down. Click pn Horse Watch. This will take you to a page where you can sign up for a free DRF membership. It is easy and they don’t bombard you with spam. Having a membership also allows you to access stories and other information. Once you are in it will be evident how to add horses to the watch list. I have used this service for a number of years. It also offers a trainer list so you can get email notification any time a trainer you wish to follow enters a horse.



I hope everyone enjoyed the experience. Two win pictures to hang on your wall and a summer of memories is a wonderful thing. We will need to settle the books when the bills come in.
Selling the filly has not been as easy as hope. Right now the best offer is $1,500. Tammy likely will take that. If we haul her back to Chicago and try to sell her we likely would end up with another $1,000 in bills by the time it was accomplished.

I will give you details on how to track TQ’s activity, and any horse for that matter next time. It’s a simple thing to do through http://www.drf.com/. You get email updates when horses are entered. It is a great handicapping tool for trip players as well as you know when horses are coming back.

The meet ended fairly well with attendance holding in there. Your groups can take partial credit for that!

Tahitian Queen Rallies for Second

Tahitian Queen was enjoying the beautiful day today as she came around a wide final turn and finished second. She made a fine effort. You have been a great group, and we will keep you updated on post-race information from today.

Also, here is a short video of some highlights from Tahitian Queen’s last race of the meet.


Saturday’s Race

Tahitian Queen is listed at 7/2 on the morning line for Saturday’s race. I wrote the program comments last night and have her as my second selection. The horse to beat is Nortern Winn. She finished second in TQ’s race earlier this month off a big class drop. There is a decent amount of speed here so TQ should sit the trip. If Jose can keep her close enough it seems they could close. Cryptic Affais also beat TQ last time and Sneaky Irish Lass exits the same race but she just didn’t fire.

Kevin Gorg will select TQ as the winner in his Minneapolis Star Tribune analysis. I too think she has a big chance here. It isn’t easy to handicap objectively when you want to make something happen. If you have thoughts about the race please post a comment.

Account Status: after paying the vet bill from July the balance is at $11,036.67. There will be an August training bill as well as a vet bill. Eyeballing the math, you need TQ to run big here.

Thanks to those that were able to show up for the stable tour last night. Great to see all of you. Tammy apologizes for not being there but work called her away to Chicago. She saddles one there today and then flys back to saddle two here tonight.

Taking it Day by Day


On a rainy Wednesday morning, Tammy fills us in on a possible race…”we may be forced to run in her in a spot that may not fit her as well as I would like…”

Unfortunately, the race did not fill for Saturday. In the video above, Tammy discusses what needs to happen while we near the end of the meet.

We will keep you updated.


Once Again, No Go

The race did not fill again today and it is not back as an extra on the overnight. The race is in the condition book for Aug. 22 going a route and on Aug. 28 going short. If the office hasn’t been able to fill this race at all this week I don’t see how they can get both of those to go so we may be forced to enter the route.

There is a chance that you get last chance stabbers entering N2L types into a race like that just to run one final time but passing the route in hopes that the sprint will fill could mean not having a race at all.

Normally having a horse with conditions is a good thing but it sure has not been here in August.