Belle Back on Track

Brilliant Belle, scrape aside, came out of her race really well. Her cut is already healing and she galloped over the main track today with no problem. She may be sweet as can be in the barn, but she’s a tough filly too!

Nevada, star of paddock and screen, did another video for us letting us know a bit about how she came out of the race and what could be next.

Belle Stumbles Early

There are times when a horse may stumble from the gate and be able to get back into the race – usually it’s not at five furlongs.  Belle was no exception.  She stumbled out of the gate and then was bumped from the outside and that was all she wrote.

All things considered she didn’t run badly but there was only so much you could do.  We didn’t finish last…so there’s that.

She came back okay.  She cut herself a little but nothing that requires any intensive attention.  Nevada will let her cool off for a few days and recover and then we’ll see what’s next down the road.  She was in this one pretty deep but I think she would’ve been involved if we cleared the start.  We’ll have to see what opportunities present themselves when we’re ready in about 3 weeks.

In the interim, we’re still looking to claim another.  I was hoping we’d pick up a little extra dough here to throw in the kitty but we’ll play the hand we’ve been dealt and look for something sturdy and inexpensive.


When we are in the paddock we need to be limited to the grassy area.  Wandering down to the saddling area is not acceptable.  There are folks down there trying to get horses saddled, relaxed, walking, etc.  It is a potentially dangerous pace to be and we have no business being down there.  You can get your photos up in the walking ring.  Please stay up near the group.  Anyone down in the saddling area will be asked to leave the paddock.


As horse owners you are responsible for various bills including those submitted by the farrier when he shoes your horse. In general, a horse receives new shoes every four to six weeks. The farrier is a very important piece of the puzzle. As the old saying goes: ‘No foot, No horse.’

A good farrier can make a huge difference in horse performance. Nevada uses Scott Rhone in most cases.

Watch this instructional video to learn more:

Video by Michelle Blasko

Empty on Friday But More to Check Out

As we mentioned, there were four horses we were looking at as possible claims tonight.  Here is a run-down (names with-held!) of what we found:

Horse 1 – SCRATCHED  So that made it easy to eliminate this one!

Horse 2 – Precipitous class drop made us a little wary.  Horse dropped five class levels but still couldn’t win tonight.  Clay was familiar with the owners and cautioned that they don’t drop a horse like that without a reason.  Obvious there was something not right.

Horse 3 – We hemmed and hawed about this one.  We checked it out in the paddock and the horse had a bit of a bump on its shin, indicative of perhaps having some work done (a potential problem) and was a small horse showing some anxiety in the paddock.  Three strikes and you’re out.  He did hit the board but barely.  Had we claimed this horse we would have overpaid and he probably can’t win at this level.

Horse 4 – In doing the research into this horse Clay discovered that he was a bit of a nut case that required special handling.  This kind of horse can be problematic because if you don’t know its secrets you could really have some issues and its not like after a claim you can go to the old trainer and ask!  Horse finished up the track.

So three horses to look at; two of the three didn’t make it to the “eye test” stage and the one that did failed it.  None of them impressed on the track.

We’re not done this weekend, though, and we’re also looking at a potential private sale.  Tomorrow doesn’t look promising but there are some possibilities on Sunday.

Stay tuned.

All reports on Belle are solid.  As mentioned yesterday, she came out of the race really well and started galloping back again the other day and really impressed her exercise rider with how solid she was after coming off a hard fought win.  We’ll give her a week training and then figure out her next spot!

Belle Back on Track; Targeting 2nd Friday

Brilliant Belle went back to the track for training today and is showing no ill effects from her race…eh, victory…on Friday. She will continue to work over the track for the next week and we’ll look for her next start.  Then it will be up to paddock group 2 to keep the momentum going!


We’re researching several horses that are in tomorrow night for a possible second Club horse.  Several factors go into this process.  You try to check the background of the horse if you can – if there has been a history of injury, for example.  Or if the horse has any interesting quirks.  You try and find our if the layoffs the horse has experienced (there SHOULD be some layoffs, they just can’t keep training and training.  Eventually they will sour) have reasonable explanations. Make sure their workouts are regular and consistent.

As long as all there factors check out, they have to pass the “eye” test: watch them walk over before their race and see if there is anything that there is to be alarmed about: legs, knees, ankles and the way the horse moves.

If all checks out then we’ll drop the claiming slip and see if we can get ourselves another horse.