Still Waiting to Finalize; Laura Ray Update

2020 Update

We are still not finished compiling everyone.  There are a few folks that say they are coming back but have not paid.  We will be setting a deadline and if they don’t follow through, we will send them a check, cash them out and move on.  We’re trying really hard to be accommodating to everyone that wants to come back but it’s getting to be time.  Karl and Nevada are waiting.

Remington Park Photos

Speaking of delays.  There are still a dozen or Ender win photos from Remington waiting to be picked up at the Canterbury information desk on the 3rd floor.  If you are on the list, please pick up your photos.  At some point soon they are going to be moved out to clear some space and you will be out of luck.  If you are a Clubber and didn’t order a photo but want one, there are a few extra as well.  Please remember, these photos cost us all $20 each and it’s like throwing away money if they don’t get picked up.

Laura Ray (Harley)

We received some footage of Laura Ray (now named Harley) from her new owner and boy is she coming along!  It’s never wrong to do the right thing and this is absolutely heartwarming.



Happy New Year: Next Steps

Happy New Year to everyone and a belated Happy Birthday to all our thoroughbred athletes who turned a year older on January 1st.

The re-enrollment period has ended and thank you to the great majority of you returning for another year!  Here is what will happen next:

We will be tallying up the re-enrollments and getting the checks deposited in the Club account over the next few weeks. Some entries were sent over the holidays and may arrive a few days late.

We should have a firm number and all the accounting done by the end of the month. Checks will go out to the folks not coming back but for the 100+ (looks like it may be closer to 125+) we’ll have a staring number and then budget what we can send to the trainers to acquire horses.

There is no rush and we want to get to the Canterbury season with a pair of contenders, but the odds are very good that we’ll be doing some running in Arkansas before we come home for the summer. Oaklawn begins on January 24 and we should be able to start looking by the second weekend of the meet.

Welcome back and here’s to a great 2020!

Last Couple of Days

As 2019 draws to a close, so does the renewal period for the 2020 Original Canterbury Racing Club.  There are two days left to get your renewal forms in along with your $104 (less than 1/2 the $250 fee thanks to the money won in 2019!).

So for REALLY the final time, here is the Form for 2020:

rollover 2020 Canterbury Racing Club Membership

We look forward to you coming back and joining us again!

One Week to Go!

We’re turning for home for the 2020 Original Canterbury Racing Club so if you haven’t sent in your renewal for $104, please don’t hesitate!  The finish line is December 31 and our pair of Santas, Karl Broberg and Nevada Litfin, are ready to start shopping for 2020 success!!

Here is the renewal form one last time!  I hope to have you with us in 2020!

rollover 2020 Canterbury Racing Club Membership

About Three Weeks Remain

To re-up for the 2020 Original Canterbury Racing Club.  Only members rolling over from last year will be eligible to re-join.  New members will be directed to a new Club being handled by the Minnesota Racehorse Engagement Project.  You can get more details on that here from a previous post and at their website

The DEADLINE IS DECEMBER 31, 2019 to re-join!

Below is the renewal form.  Please have this back to us by the deadline and your check for $104 to be set and ready to go for 2020!  It looks to be an exciting season ands we’ll be getting started a little earlier than usual for all kinds of racing action for most of the year!

rollover 2020 Canterbury Racing Club Membership

Closing Out, Starting Up, New Beginnings

We have officially closed out 2019!  The Club started with a balance of $39,250 and 157 members.  We managed to win a pair of races and came within a head bob of winning a third this year.  We won at Canterbury and we won in Oklahoma at Remington Park.  We managed to retire a mare to a forever home with a young woman who loves her completely.  We finished the year with $22,918.35 in the bank.  All in all, a nice 2019!

This brings us to some major changes coming to the 2020 season.

The Canterbury Racing Club was the first of its kind, beginning in 2009 and was copied in various iterations by other tracks around the country with great success. There is a reinvigorated effort this coming season to find and develop racehorse owners, which begat the Minnesota Racehorse Engagement Project (MREP) over the summer.

We are proud of what we have been able to do at Canterbury, showing many the joys of racehorse ownership and we appreciate that you have been along for the journey.
There are changes going forward that I want to make you aware of. The plan for 2020 is to keep your group intact but not accept any new members. If you want to rejoin the cost is $104.

The MREP is starting a new club or clubs but using a different model. They will have an initial fee of $199 with enrollment capped at 150 members; but none of the fee would come back to the group members. Instead the balance would go to a designated charity such as a horse retirement fund or an injured jockey fund. You certainly are welcome to explore that group as they will begin selling memberships online later this month.

However we would love to have you stay in this club for another season, operating the way we did in 2019. We will change the name (Original Canterbury Racing Club 2020?) but not the way things are done.

For those of you that will return for 2020, the contribution is only $104. Because we finished the year early enough, we have attached the form to re-up for 2020. Please let us know via email if you are NOT rejoining ( OR before December 31, 2019. If you are reupping, just return the attached form with the $104 as you have in the past (if you have forgotten, there are instructions on the form). Checks should go out around mid- to late-January. One thing to keep in mind is that should you opt out and receive your funds, but change your mind, you will be have to be directed to the new Club.

We should be ready to go at the beginning of the Oaklawn meet and hopefully will have enough returnees to continue with two horses and Karl and Nevada as trainers.  It should be a fun and dynamic 2020!

For more information on the new Club, please visit The new Club will be run separately from this Club and will be run by different management so you’ll have to direct your questions there.

rollover 2020 Canterbury Racing Club Membership

CRC 2019 Running Financials – Year End

Pictures Are In

The winners’ circle pictures are in for all the folks that ordered one!  Here is the process for distribution:

The photos are upstairs in the Clubhouse level information booth along with a list of names of the folks that indicated they wanted a picture.  You can start picking up your pictures today and there is one for each person.

Please keep in mind that these are ONLY the Remington Park photos.  We do not have access to the Canterbury win photo.

I have the final statements and trainers and vets are paid so I will be finalizing the finances the next week and we should have some totals to bring to you soon.

News about next year’s group will be coming soon as well.  There are going to be some changes coming next year, so stay tuned.