Ender 4th

Going into the race there was some concern about the higher level of competition we were in with considering the claiming levels Karl was trying to enter him in ($7500 – $10,000) just weren’t filling.  He was ready to go, we can’t wait forever and we have to run what they write so we went in this $17,500/$12,500 starter allowance.  The distance was right and he was training well so off we went.

Ender ran well.  He finished 4th but this was a tough group, he didn’t settle back early, was wide throughout and he still ran hard and was steadily gaining in the stretch.

Ender broke sharply and briefly vied for the lead before he listened to David and took back to prepare and make his run.  The problem was that no one really wanted to try and go on with the lead.  I anticipated that the horses just to his inside would have gone and he could have settled either behind them or settle in just behind the stalkers.  But between his sharp break and everyone staying bunched up, even when David took him back, there was no place to duck in and save ground.

Even though he was wide throughout, he responded to David’s urging and ran hard all the way down the lane and ended up beaten only by 3 1/2 lengths.  There was a point just heading into the far turn when the eventual winner went by him where I thought he might have been bothered, but the head on replay showed me that he bore in a little and caused his own issue.  It didn’t cost him much and he ran well.

So we’ll see how he comes out of the race and look to go after them again.  If we can get a race we want and he can run like that in a $10,000 claimer, we can certainly win a race or two before we’re done.

You can find the replay here.  Just click on the calendar for October 3rd and then “8” underneath to call up the race.

Race Replays


Race Preview: Ender

Here we go, the ‘life after Canterbury’ portion of the season.

Ender will make it a late night for us tonight as he heads postward in race 8 (approximately 10:23 PM) at Remington Park.  The race is a mixed claiming race/starter allowance going 6.5 furlongs over the main track for either a $17,500 tag OR has started in claiming race for less than $12,500 dollars in the past year.  He qualifies under the latter and, as such, we are not in for a tag tonight.  He breaks from post eight and has the meet’s second leader jock, the very talented David Cabrera, aboard.

From a class standpoint, this is a bit higher than he’s been racing but he’s also been training sharply so we’ll see how things pan out on the racetrack.

Moyahua (Craddock/Sorenson) – the Mexican bred is a late runner that had been off since the end of June before making his last start, a steady 3rd at this distance and level.  Trainer is 21% running second off the layoff and will try and sit just off the early pace.

Awesome Emmit (Donlin/Medina) – Our old friend beat us at Canterbury before trying to tackle stakes company over closing weekend.  Now he settles back in with his equals and is going to be dangerous – another wanting to sit off an early pace.

Louden’s Grey (loy/De La Cruz) – He was first off the claim last out with a sharp second place finish at Prairie Meadows in a straight $16,000 claimer.  Third in the line that will want to sit off a pace.

Gentrified (Broberg/Vazquez) – Had been running against higher in Kentucky and notched a nice win back in the spring at Oaklawn.  He seems to do a bit better longer and should today with the class relief.

Texas Long Bow (Whitelaw/Quinonez) – Was a Lone Star stakes winner first off the claim for Michael Whitelaw but faltered late in his Remington debut.  Finally a horse that will most likely want to set the pace, not stalk it.

Mahalo John (Prather/Wethey) – This speedster really enjoys running at Louisiana Downs but has had it a little rough elsewhere. Definitely will want to get out quick and appears to be better being in front in longer races where he wouldn’t have to work as hard to keep up.  Hard to say if he has the speed to lead these early.

Taruca (Ashford/Birzer) – Winner of three in a row since the claim, Taruca is rightfully the morning line favorite.  His last two Beyer Speed Figures have been in the low eighties, won over this surface at this distance and (roughly) class level last out and did it with a modicum of ease.  Most definitely will be prominent early.


Lindante (Duhon/Rodriguez) – Winner of 2 of 3 since being claimed, another who likes the front end (and the more of those that want to be there, the better for us).  Definitely pushing up a bit in class since that last win at Remington on September 11.

Rise Up (Lozano/Diego) – First time running for Lozano since being claimed out of Karl’s barn.  Seems to prefer the lead to win but that will be tough to get from post 10.  However I sure hope he tries.

Ender has been training sharply and surely benefitted from the extra time off.  There will certainly be ace to run at and, for some of the horses that perhaps prefer a longer race but like the lead (or stalk it) hopefully the quicker pace of a sprint will tired them out before the lane.

If all is well, I would think we’ll be behind considerably early given the speed in here and David will gear up for one long run at them coming out of the turn..  Some scratches would certainly help with potential traffic issues, especially if it’s another one of the closers.

Stalkers have drawn the first three rail spots and that should force the speedsters to work a little harder to get to the front early – the harder everyone else has to work early, the better for Ender.

Once again, we should have an exciting finish.


I have heard from a few of you that might be making the trek down for the race.  Safe travels to you all, enjoy and just remember: we do not have any of the same privileges we have here at home – we’re just like any other visitor to the race track there. #Represent!

Racing Next Thursday!

Ender is in at Remington!  While we were looking for a straight up claiming race between $7.500 – $10,000, one wouldn’t go – unless it was at 5 furlongs, and we know how well that would go.  So the race is starter/optional claimer for horses that have either run for a claiming price of $12,500 or less in the last year or $17,500 claiming tag.

The race is the 8th on card next Thursday night (about 10:23 PM) going 6.5 furlongs over the main track.  We drew post 8 and have the meet’s 2nd leading rider, David Cabrera, aboard.

It’s going to be good to be racing again.  Good luck everyone and we’ll preview the race next week!

Keep Entering

Ender is ready to go, unfortunately the races Karl would like to enter him in are not.  Several we have entered haven’t filled while several at the right level (between $7500 – $10,000) have been too short (5 – 5.5 furlongs).  We know what happens when we run him too short.

He continues to work and has been impressive in the mornings the last week or so, so he should be sharp when we finally get into a race.  There look to be a few in the coming week in the condition book, so Karl will keep at it and try to get us another win or two before we need to call it a season.

Moving On; August Financials

As we head to Remington Park we’re dealing with some challenges in the licensing department, but we expect for that to sorted out by the end of the week and we’ll be ready to race.  In the interim, Karl is bringing Ender along to get him ready to roll.  The strategy from here on out will most likely be to get aggressive with race placement and try and keep on winning until someone claims him.

Thanks to all the folks that came out for the breakfast on closing morning.  We went a little long but it was fun – and we had plenty of donuts!

Heather received a note from the girl that bought Laura Ray and she is absolutely in love with her.  We have a couple of pictures but we’re waiting to see if we can have her permission to post them here, but we’re very excited that she found a home with a young lady that will love her and give her a new job.

Below is a link to the latest financial statement.  As you can see, we have plenty of money to take us through the rest of the year and, as a couple of Clubbers mentioned Saturday morning, he CAN still win!

There was a question on Saturday on how things get closed up.

Once Ender is claimed or sold, we gather up the bills and then reconcile and audit the year.  It takes about 6-8 weeks from our last race to get everything sorted out, especially if we end toward the beginning of the month because most trainers and vets only bill after the month closes and if we lose the horse on the 5th, for example, we have nearly a month until the bills get mailed to us.

Once we reconcile everything, I’ll post here and Jeff will send out an email to everyone asking if you want to return for next year.  If you don’t, then we’ll send out checks to you for your share of the remaining funds.  If you do – and we certainly hope you all do! – we apply that to the buy in for 2020 and your buy in is reduced by that amount.

We will post the new sign in sheets after the first of there year: one for new members and one for returning members and we start the process again.

CRC 2019 Running Financials – Sept 1


Ender was not ready to race this weekend.  He needed more than two weeks to recover and get ready to run so we’ll be unable to run closing weekend.  While a disappointment, it does not make sense to run the horse when he’s not ready just so we can see him one more time – we’re asking for trouble and it’s not good for him.

Karl will be taking him to Oklahoma and I will be looking into licensing this week so we’ll be ready to go when he’s ready to go.

We got the groups through the paddock several times this season and we were able to hit the winners’ circle in a race carrying the richest purse the Club has ever won.  And we came ever so close (a head bob!) from doing it again.

We hope that everyone had a good summer and enjoyed the experience, thank you so very much from all of us involved in the Club for being a part this year, but we’re not done yet!  We’ll keep you posted here and on Twitter on just how Ender is doing until he leaves us.

Then we’ll gear up to do it again in 2020!

Laura Ray Retired

As was evident in her last race where Nik Goodwin had her in a great position to make a run and she didn’t, Lauran Ray was done with racing.  She just didn’t want to do it anymore.  It certainly happens to all horses but with mares, especially, when they decide they are done, they are done.

There were a couple of things we could have chosen to do: sell her for racing, put her through the paddock sale on Monday or try and sell her privately and retire her.  We chose the latter course and connected her with a young woman who will be using her as a project horse as she competes in hunter/jumper classes.

Laura Ray gets a soft landing in a home where she will be loved and have a job.  That’s all we all should ever want from ex-racehorses and we are grateful she is going to have this opportunity.

The minimum sale price in the paddock sale would have been $500 so that is the price we sold her.

Ender, however, came out of his race well and there is a chance that he may get another race on closing weekend, so stay tuned.

Thank you to all that RSVP’d to the breakfast next Saturday.  We got the final number to the food and beverage department and look forward to seeing you all there.