Admission Process for Wed: CHANGE

There has been another tweek to the admission process and we are being limited as to the number of main floor entries we can have.  There are 25 listed below and Jeff has sent out an email to everyone on the list for the process for them to get their tickets.

There ARE other ways to come, as we’ve mentioned previously.  You can reserve a table on 3 ($15), space on the apron ($10) or in the simulcast center (free).  You can go the Canterbury website to reserve your spot.

Simulcast area:

Other spots:

We try to keep abreast of the different mandates and changes the best we can.  This is what we have to work with for this start.  We’ll keep you posted on the next entry.  Please keep in mind that whatever floor your reservation is on is where you are required to remain so only the folks on the main level will be able to possibly get in the winners’ circle, if we’re lucky enough to get there.  There may be changes there as well as to number, so we’ll let you know should the situation arise.

Thanks for your patience during an admittedly very odd year and GOOD LUCK!

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Lilly In Next Wednesday

We have a race for Lilfeatheredindian next Wednesday.

Lil will be running in the 3rd, a $10,000 claiming race for fillies and mares that have never won two races.  The race is five furlongs on the grass and we’ll have Alonso Quinones aboard once again.  It’s a small field of seven and we drew post position two.

Keep an eye on this space for track entry requirements as they are subject to change. Currently we’re making the assumption that it will be the same as last race, but, again, that could change, and we’ll spell it out in greater detail the beginning of next week

I will have the winners’ circle photos with me from all three wins as well.

We’re getting ready to turn for home now as the meet ends in little better than a month.  Hopefully we can close it out with another win or two!

Win and a Claim

Holy smokes what a finish!

The leaders were zipping along pretty good early last night and jockey Ry Eikleberry remained patient before getting Satellite going through the turn and riding him to a head victory last night in a three way photo over Blue Bomber and Out of Patience.

I have to admit, I thought the photo was between us and the four but it turned out that the five, Blue Bomber, just hung on for second.

This was the third win in six starts for the Club this season.

We did find out that Satellite was claimed by trainer Oscar Flores for owner Danny Caldwell.  We wish Satellite nothing but the best for his new team.  What a great job Karl’s group did with him.  Clemente Montoya and the barn team at Canterbury had him sharp and ready to fire off the claim and again last night.

Claimed for $4,000, he was claimed away last night for $5,000 and picked up another $12,300 in purse earnings. Not bad for less than two months!

Now the spotlight switches to Lilly and getting her a race.  She’s doing very well and training like a champ.  The little bumps she got after pinballing a little in the stake are gone and she’s ready to go – we just need a race.

We are looking for a mid-level claiming race for horses that haven’t won two races in a lifetime going five furlongs on the grass. Nevada will try and see if he get one written since there is nothing in the condition book that fits that description.  Those type of races are usually pretty popular so you’d think that if one was written, it would fill – but then 2020 has been no normal year by any measure.

The jury is out on whether or not we will claim another horse with Karl with only five weeks left in the meet.  Even if we picked one up as early as next week, with 2-3 weeks between races that’s only one start before moving on and there just may not be enough time before moving on and shipping elsewhere.

I’ll discuss with Jeff and Karl and we’ll go from there.


Race Chart: CBY081020USA9

Race Preview: Satellite

Satellite will be closing out the card Monday evening in a $5000 claiming race for horses that have not won a race since May 10.  The race is a mile over the dirt. We’ll break from the outside under Ry Eikleberry.

But wait, you say, we have won a race this year.  And Blue Bomber has as well!  You can see that Out of Patience won too, but it was prior to May 10.  Satellite and Blue Bomber both won their races at $4000 and the conditions stipulate that races under $5000 do not count toward the conditions of the race.  So for the purposes of this particular race, neither of us has a win yet.

I shall have the previous two winners’ circle photos with me tomorrow evening.  We’ll be a little late getting up from Rochester but in plenty of time for the race – no worries there. We cannot be in the paddock but I will be outside the paddock before the race. Should we be fortunate to win, we will see what we can work out for the winners’ circle, but let’s not put the cart before the horse, so to speak.

If you are coming out for the race: PLEASE MAKE SURE TO MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS! Jeff sent you all out an email with the specifics on how to do that.  You HAVE to follow the instructions on that email. If you have not received it, please send Jeff or a I a note and we will get it out to you.

Now for the race:

Money Broker (Gawerecki/Butler): Lost by 14 last out to Blue Bomber and by 3 to us two back.  He’ll sit mid-pack and try and make a run.

Slick As Ice (Padilla/Quinonez): Ran out of room chasing Blue Bomber in his last coming up short by a length and a quarter.  Will likely wind up for one long run late.

Logan’s Leopard (Rumsey/Carter): Stretching back out. Last time he ran a mile was against us where he came up short by 11 1/2.

Out of Patience (Van Winkle/Lindsay): Dropping in from $7500 where he closed to be third going a mile.  Two back he ran against Unleash the Beast, Hamazing Vision and Blue Bomber.  While he was well beaten it was a considerably more difficult field and all three of those mentioned earlier came back to win. Shouldn’t be too far off the pace and will try and close. Shouldn’t be overlooked.

Blue Bomber (Diodoro/Arietta): Very impressive in his last where he was handicapped by a bad start and still managed to win by more than a length.

Herbie (Flores/Chirinos): Herbie will go to the lead and try and stay there.  He was unable in his last couple of starts – once against us and in his last race going a bit shorter where he finished 2nd.


Satellite won last out by tracking the speed and outrunning the field down the lane and I wouldn’t expect a much different strategy this time out.

We all know that Herbie will head to the lead and, at first glance, it looks like he’ll be alone up there.  However if you look closer at morning line favorite Blue Bomber, don’t be surprised to see him there as well.

He had trouble last time out getting going and was still able to rally to win.  In his 2020 Canterbury debut, he was likely overmatched in the $10,000 optional claimer/$5000 starter race – where he finished a very good 4th behind horses having great Canterbury seasons.  Prior to those races, however, he pressed the pace or was on the lead.  Pressing Herbie would not be the worst thing in the world for us.

Out of Patience should to be running late, but likely starting a bit behind us so Ry should be able to get first run on the leaders.  That will leave one simple question late: will we be good enough to go by and win while holding off the closer?

We should know the answer to that by about 8:45 tomorrow.



You all should have received an email from Jeff today letting you know of the new procedure for attending the race on Monday. The email spells out the steps you need to take in order to make your reservation.

I wanted to get it out here so you don’t overlook it in your email that you used to sign up for the Club.

If you do NOT receive the email, please let Jeff or I know via email.  We will check with the 2020 Club list and then re-send you the information.

You HAVE to use this procedure.  There is NO walk up ticketing for Clubbers.

Look forward to seeing you at the races!

Satellite in on Monday

The race we wanted finally filled and Satellite will be part of the field closing out Monday night at Canterbury.

The race is a $5000 for horses that have not won a race since May 10 or never won 4 races.  How did we qualify, you ask?  He’s won more than four races AND we just won last out, well after May 10.

There was a stipulation in the conditions that said that races that were $4000 claimers or less do not count toward the total or the date.  Since our last win was in a $4,000 claiming race, it doesn’t count for purposes of this race.

The race is going a mile over the main track.  We drew the outside, post 7, with Ry Eikleberry aboard.

There are some familiar foes like Herbie and another hard knocker like Blue Bomber.  It should be a good one and is scheduled for roughly 8:35 PM.

As of right now admission policy will be the same as the last few races: there is a list at the ticket office and you’ll get your wrist band and need to stay on track level.  This is being stringently enforced now, so keep that in mind.  And, again, this is for the Clubber only.  Friends and family will need to go through the reservations procedures. Masks are required.

There is no paddock access.  Should we be lucky enough to win we will have to see what we can do at that time for winners’ circle access.

I will have the packets of pictures with me before the race.  I will be outside our number at the paddock before our race as well as on the apron during and just afterward.  I have about 40 copies of each.  Should we run out, I will order more.

Lilly is doing well and ready to enter.  As soon as a low-mid level claiming, non-winners of 2 turf sprint is up, we’ll be entering.

Entry Rebuffed!

We entered Satellite today (and last week!) and, again, the race didn’t fill.  So he’s ready and the race is coming back as an extra on Monday so we’re going to try again.

Lilly is ready to go as well and Nevada has a race in mind so we’ll be looking to enter her as well.

With any luck as all we will have a couple of entries to crow about next week and start the second half of the racing season the week after.

Horse Update, Latest Financials, Pic Info

It was a bit odd having a quiet week last week after a bunch of races so close together, but all is well.

Furzy has moved on.  She was placed almost immediately by Doc. Bowman’s Second Chance Thoroughbred Adoption so she should be nestled into her new home and new job by now.

Lilly came our of the stake a little sore.  Not “omg her ankle!” sore but “man did I get banged around” sore.  Totally makes sense the way she missed that first turn and pinballed a little bit.  Nothing wring with that and she gets an additional week to recoup.  Let’s not forget either that she had 2 races in 13 days, so a little extra time is warranted.

Satellite is ready to go.  We entered him on Wednesday and Thursday in basically the same type of race – low level claiming race going a mile over the dirt.  However neither race filled so we’ll try again this week, most likely on Thursday given the races in the condition book, though you never know when an extra shows up, so Karl will stay aware and ready.

Whenever the next race is, I will have with me packs of winners’ circle photos for those that want them.  I have 37 of each, if I run out, we’ll order more.  I’ll remind everyone before the next race so nobody forgets.

Finally, below is the most recent financials based upon what I have now.  We will get July’s training bills in about a week as well as the vet bills.  The expenses I did know, I included.

Basically, after the July bills are paid, we’re only out the price of the horses – earnings have covered about all our training so far. That’s not bad and we’re not finished yet!

OCRC2020 – Running financials 7-25