Then There Was One

The plan was to get the win so even if CITRON KID was claimed we’d still pocket a few dollars.

Best laid plans…

Dean Butler had him in a position to make a run late but there was no run in him and we were swallowed up and ultimately finished 5th behind several longshots. Not how we drew it up but it certainly appears as if the KID wasn’t the horse we thought he was when we claimed him so better to cut bait early than wait too long.

KID was claimed by train Mike Chambers and will head to Phoenix with his string when the season is done.

That leaves us with Illinois bred TENS WILD as we get ready to pack up stakes and move to Hawthorne.

We will see what ends up getting written and how the boy is going and, if all lines up, see if we can get him one more trip around in front of the hometown crowd the last day of two of the meet. Given how many horses dropped in to our last race with CITRON KID, I’m a bit wary of moving into $20,000 company for a race. That’s all that is written right now and given that $20,000 would be a stretch anyway, I don’t want to draw in only to see we’re up against $35,000 and allowance horses dropping down to try and catch a win late.

We will not be looking at replacing CITRON. With less than 4 months in the racing season, it will be difficult to find, get and run a horse with the necessity of getting that horse purchased or claimed shortly thereafter. There is too much risk there and we cannot own a horse after 12/31/15. So we will be running with one until he gets claimed from us.


KID Goes Tomorrow – Race Preview

CITRON KID with Dean Butler aboard goes in the 3rd tomorrow night. It’s a $10,000 claiming race over the turf going a mile and 16th out of the chute. The weather is supposed to be dicey and the race may end up off the turf. Clay and I are going to discuss whether or not we run in that case this evening. He has had one dirt attempt and lost by over 20 lengths so I think it will be doubtful, but I’ll post as soon as we decide so you can keep track.

Unfortunately, given that it is Mystic Lake Derby weekend, there are a LOT of groups coming to the Park this weekend and we can’t have our traditional section in Silks. But Group 3 (Group 3: Nierman – Zibley) will hit the paddock and, hopefully, the rest of you hit the winners’ circle!

Assuming the race stays on the turf, here is a look at the field:

1 Sound Effect (Diodoro/Franco) – Been running effectively at higher levels, drops a notch into this one from the same race CITRON comes out of. He finished 5th, us 4th.

2 Gentle As A Breeze (Berndt/Hernandez) – Another out of the last. Finished 7th after tiring.

3 Peace Offering (Biehler/Velazquez) – Winner in a conditioned $20,000 two back, stepped up into allowance company in his last and had a rougher time of it.

4 Born Force (Donlin/Richard) – Bit of a rough trip last out going a mile 3/8. Been trying to win at this level here since the claim to no avail.

5 Ragged Edge (Rhone/Carreno) – Minnesotan is yet another dropping in from CITRON’s last race as well. He closed nicely but still finished a length behind the KID.

6 Another Gear (Biehler/Goncalves) – Climbing high for this one, last two were at $5,000 and $7500 respectively. Moves up to $10,000 with a gaggle of $16,000 horses dropping in. Tough spot.

7 Limeshare (Riggs/Nolan) – Cutting back from a mile and 3/8 where he finished 2nd before being dropped after a DQ.


9 Pastero (Holder/P. Canchari) – Couldn’t come close at $7500 and now stepping up to a tougher than advertised $10,000.

10 Corporate Chapel (Bolinger/Sanchez) – Old warrior shifting barns and making first start for Bolinger. Improved dropping into $7500 company and now moves back to $10,000.

11 Costaud (Keen/Mello) – Cleared non-winner of 3 condition last out at $12,500. Speedster draws the outside and should provide most of the pace.

12 Runaway Cal (Rengstorf/Stevens) – Welcome back Scotty Stevens aboard this 6-year old gelding. Has had 3 shots at $7500 and hasn’t been able to get there.

The thought that we could sneak down to $10,000 claiming and catch a lighter field was shattered when the entries were drawn. The field is tougher than it looks and drawing post position 8 out of the chute could be trouble.

However, Gentle As A Breeze and Peace Offering on the inside should hopefully clear a path down to the main track and allow Dean to drop our boy behind them and sit 3rd or 4th heading past the stands for the first time. If we can save some ground and stay close, it looks like there is going to be quiet the cavalry charge to the finish that we can hopefully lead home, but it’s going to be tough and the pace is going to have to be weak enough to make sure we have enough gas but still enough to tire out the one or two that figure to be ahead of us early.

Heather and I will not be able to make it as we had made other plans for this evening early in the meet but Jeff will be there – and you can be assured that we will be watching!

CITRON KID Up Friday; TENS Photos

CITRON KID takes the stage on Friday in a $10,000 claiming race over the turf. Right now the forecast calls for a 50% chance of showers and my guess is that if the turf course is imperiled at all by the weather the race will come off the turf given the Mystic Lake Derby on Saturday.

As of this moment, Clay and I are unsure if he will run on the dirt or not. He has never run on an off main track and the only time he has run on the dirt (January, 2014) he lost by 20 in a $20,000 maiden claimer at Santa Anita. His Tomlinson number (a number derived from pedigree and historical family performance on an off track) is a very high 391 but we’ve all seen horses with high wet track (or turf) numbers not be able to run a lick on them even though they are “supposed” to. There are a few things to think about and the weather to watch. I’ll let you know as soon as a decision is made so you’ll know.

TENS WILD came back from the race just fine and is doing well. Here are a few photos from the day:

TENS and Felix in the paddock before the race.

TENS and Felix in the paddock before the race.

Getting ready to load in the gate.

Getting ready to load in the gate.

Breaking a step slow

Breaking a step slow

TENS Fourth; CITRON KID in Friday; July Financials

The KID is in Friday night!

We’ll be breaking again from post 8 with Dean Butler aboard. The race is the 3rd and it’ll be going mile and 16th over the turf. The level is $10,000, a step below where we claimed him, but we’re going after a softer group to try and get a win. A win and we build up his confidence a bit and we could move him back up again. A win and a claim and we’ve made money on him.

TENS ran a very hard luck race earlier today. He broke a bit slow and Dean tried to get him to the rail but was ridden out into the middle of the track by the 3 through the first turn and we started down the backside in last place with too much to do. We closed enough to get to 4th ($880)but certainly not where we wanted to be.

We’ll see how he comes back and maybe get one more in him before the end of the meet. If he’s not ready, we may try and fit in a race at Arlington because Hawthorne won’t open until October 2.

The July financial statement is below. Once again we still do not have a vet bill, but that’ll be added once we get one.

This includes no August numbers including today’s purse transaction for TENS, only what is in the books for July.

CRC 2015 Running financials – July 31

Upcoming Racing

Here is the desired schedule. Desired, because you never know if races will fill, but they’re out there and we’re going to enter.

TENS WILD – We’ll be looking to enter him tomorrow for Saturday, August 22.

CITRON KID – He COULD be the Saturday after (August 29). We haven’t decided on his spot yet but it may be a level below last race, which was $16,000. Also over the grass.

As entries come out, we’ll let you know how the draws went. Both horses are doing well and training well. If we’re fortunate, and we still have TENS, we may be able to get one more start at the very end of the meet out of him. Less likely for the KID, though possible if he comes back terrific. But that’s getting way ahead of ourselves!

A Few Race Day Photos

Here are a few raceday photos from CITRON KID’s race that Heather was able to capture. We’ve started looking for TENS WILD’s next race now that he is gearing back up. Ideally we would like to bring him back in another $16,000 claiming race over the turf but there doesn’t appear to be any in the condition book, so Clay is amenable to finding a $20,000 spot and seeing what he can do there if we can get one sooner than the end of the month!

We’ll keep an eye on the extras and see where we can go with him next.

The KID came back fine and is getting back on the track to start getting ready for his next race, probably in the same or lessor spot, depending upon what we can find.

Citron Kid in the paddock prior to the race.

Citron Kid in the paddock prior to the race.

The Kid at the break.

The Kid at the break.

The Kid.  Solo.

The Kid. Solo.

The Kid Back Okay; Tour Two Complete

By the time we got back to the barn last night CITRON KID was in his stall and chowing on his dinner. He seemed to come out of the race just fine and will walk the next few days before heading back to the track.

I talked to Dean between races and he felt really badly that he couldn’t win for us. He said that when he was coming out of the turn he looked like he was getting into some trouble so he tried to angle him away a bit and the KID got startled and panicked a bit. He was able to settle him but by then he’d lost some momentum. He certainly put KID back into a position to take a run down the stretch but his mount was tired.

We’ll look for another one in about 3 weeks for him. Maybe at this level or we may drop him down a rung as well – go and get a win!

We completed the second tour this morning and it went well! Both horses were in a good mood and TENS WILD really was interested in everything going on and visiting with all the people. Thanks to all of you that came out. These tours are always the highlight of my summer and I hope you all had as good a time as I did!

KID Goes Tonight; Spot in Silks

The CITRON KID makes his debut for the Club this evening and we’ll take a look at the field.

I did want to touch base on the Winners’ Circle, should we be fortunate enough to reach there again. Club members and immediate family are welcome, it’s part of the experience! However in the last photo (which I am trying to no avail so far to put up as our header) there are quite a few folks that I know are not Clubbers (or family) or are former Clubbers that have chosen not to participate this year that were in the photo. If you are amongst this group, please do not ruin the experience for the people that have decided to participate this year. When we are lucky enough to win, the WC is a VERY crowded and potentially dangerous place to be. I do not want to have to limit access for actual members because the photo is being crashed by folks that are not.

Heather and I will stand in front of the horse (if anyone is going to get trampled it may as well be us and not you!) and everyone needs to be to our right, away from where the horse stands (marked by horseshoe prints on the ground). This is to make sure that everyone is out of the way of the animal. Safety is of utmost importance and while I know we all want to be visible, I want us all to be safe.
On to the race!


2 Bernie the Jet (Ledgess/Goncalves) – early speedster that just won at $20,000 stepping down to $16,000.

3 Ragged Edge (Rhone/Escobar) – Minnesota bred had some trouble at the higher levels but has certainly not embarrassed himself in open company either. Drops down to try and fit in here. Will be coming off the pace.

4 Sound Effect (Diodoro/Vegara) – Beat both Dr Action and Tens Wild last time out. Should be fresh and has a nice come from off the pace style which should suit this race nicely.

5 Affirmed Cure (Peters/Eikleberry) – Another Minnesotan that hasn’t been able to break through yet.

6 Wildcat Moon (Lavanway/Becerra) – Won the 2 furling Dash in a Flash on extreme day but needs to run in a “real” race today. Should have some speed and won at $10,000 before dudding in an allowance. Next logical step was this level.

7 Gentle As A Breeze (Brendt/Velazquez) – A very sharp claim by Joel Berndt at $7500 has gone on to win at $10,000 and finish 2nd in an optional and, last out, behind Tens. He should be close early as well.

8 Why Frank (Oliver/Richard) – Was able to win at $20,000 sitting off the pace and has a second at that level (and this one) earlier in the meet. Last out he was clearly overmatched but back where he belongs in here.

9 Callinghardten (Chambers/Franco) – Owner of a two race winning streak at $10,000 this spot was the next logical step up. Another who is going to come from off the pace.

I won’t lie to you, this is going to be a tough one to win. CITRON’s running style, early speed, matches several in here that are good, competitive horses at this level. You combine that with the likes of Why Frank and Sound Effect that have won at this level or higher recently by coming off the pace and Dean has his work cut out for him.

Clay’s barn has been red hot lately, even winning the Mantioba Derby at Assiniboia Downs in Winnipeg on Monday, so that can’t be underestimated. Additionally we have the leading rider again who seems to have a pace clock installed in his head, so that helps tremendously.

I can’t see us getting out to an easy lead and when this horse has tried to stalk he doesn’t seem to be able to get there late, however, if anyone can get the Kid to relax and sit a bit behind the other speedsters, it would be Dean Butler.

It’s a full field and a difficult race but those are always the most fun to win – it means you’ve really earned one!

Best of luck everyone. We should have a spot in Silks and we will see you tonight!

Racing Saturday and Sunday Tour Info

A reminder to the folks signed up for the August 9 (Sunday) tour:

We will meet at the stable gate at 9:00 (please note that this is a half hour earlier than the previous tour). We will go into the admin building to talk about entering horses and what goes on in there before going over to the track and catch the last of morning workouts. We will then head over to the equine pool and then to the barn to visit TENS and the KID.

There is a LOT of walking and it could be hot and dusty so be prepared. Also, the only public rest room facilities are located in the admin building. If you’re bringing your children, please keep an eye on them – the backside can be an unpredictable and dangerous place. Horses have the right of way. Rarely, a horse can get loose and create a very volatile and potentially dangerous situation so please keep an eye out at all times.

CITRON KID will be making his first start for us this Saturday night in a $16,000 claiming race over the turf. The race is the 4th and will go about 7 1/2 furlongs with leading jockey Dean Butler once again on board for the CRC. We have come full circle and the 1st paddock group (Grussing – Nelson) is back in action. I’ll let you know if we have a spot in Silks as soon as I know.

Plenty of good racing on tap Saturday night with four stakes including the Minnesota Oaks and the Minnesota Derby, too!

The Kid Posts Solid Work

CITRON KID went to the track today for a timed work, going 4 furlongs (half mile) in a solid :48.4, the 14th fastest trip at the distance for the morning. He was well within himself and seems to have come back just fine and we’ll be looking to enter him on Wednesday for racing on Saturday night on Minnesota Oaks and Derby night. Once we know for sure we’ll go ahead and get the information up Wednesday afternoon.