Bam Runs 3rd, is Sold

It wasn’t exactly the way we wanted it to end, but Bam finished 3rd yesterday. It was clear early in the race that he was fighting the restraint of jockey Seth Martinez. Obviously, Seth didn’t want him to run himself out of the race early. Unfortunately, after fighting restraint early in the race, Bam ran out of gas in mid-stretch and finished 3rd, beaten just over three lengths.

In four starts, Bam gave us two wins, a second and a third. The good news is that he certainly ran well when on the track, the bad news is that he didn’t get to the track enough. In all, it was worth it to send Bam to Chicago as it ended up being a profitable trip for the group.

Following the race, Great Bam was sold for $3,000 to a group that includes Kevin Lay. In all, that’s a pretty fair price given the fact that there will be no racing in Chicago for the next six weeks and the fact that they are still dealing with the Equine herpesvirus issues that leave them quarantined at the track. Had the quarantine not been in place, we likely could have gotten a little more as he could have been sent to another track; however, once a quarantine goes into effect, there isn’t much that can be done.

If you’ve been following Hawthorne’s racing recently, you’ve noticed that their claiming activity has more or less come to a complete stop due to these issues. Thus, this seemed like a fair price and will allow us to close out the group per the original club agreement.

Some of you may remember that Kevin was involved in the racing club last year. Hopefully this means you’ll be able to continue to follow Great Bam and maybe we’ll see him back at Canterbury in 2013!

If my math is correct, in total, the 2012 racing club compiled a record as follows:


1 Start (1 Second)

Great Bam

4 Starts (2 Firsts, 1 Second and 1 Third)

Lovely Tak

3 Starts (1 First and 2 Fourths)

High Spirit

3 Starts (1 First and 2 Thirds)

Thanks to everyone that joined this year’s club. We’ll be back after the holidays with updates including information regarding the finalization of the sale and a final financial update once all of the bills have been paid.

Have a great holiday season and a wonderful New Year.

Racing Club Financial Update

Here’s an update to where the clubs stands financially as we kick off the Hawthorne Meet. This updated account of our financial position includes Great Bam’s September earnings in addition to September training expenses and August and September vet bills.

Here’s a closer look at the numbers:

Racing Club Balance 8/31 – $19,959.22


Great Bam Second Place Finish (9/3) – $2,340

Total Racing Club Earnings – $2,340


Great Bam Day Rate (30 days at $60 per Day) – $1,800

Great Bam Pony to Post – $25

Trainer Fee to Clay Brinson for Great Bam (9/3) – $234

Jockey Fee to Nik Goodwin for Great Bam (9/3) – $117

Equine Retirement Fees – $2

Great Bam Dentistry (9/5) – $85

Great Bam Shipping Bill to Illinois – $350

Illinois Racing License – $25

August Veterinarian Expenses:

Great Bam

Raceday Medication – $95

Electrolytes, Vitamins and Enzymes – $147

Thyroid Medication, Joint Lubricants and Supplements – $195.32

Lovely Tak

Raceday Medication – $40

Electrolytes, Vitamins and Enzymes – $110

Thyroid Medication, Joint Lubricants and Supplements – $382.26

High Spirit

Raceday Medication – $115

Electrolytes, Vitamins and Enzymes – $120

Thyroid Medication, Joint Lubricants and Supplements – $381.66

September Veterinarian Expenses:

Great Bam

Electrolytes, Vitamins and Enzymes – $27.45

Thyroid Medication, Joint Lubricants and Supplements – $88

Total September Training and August and September Vet Bills – $4,339.69

Total Remaining Balance – $17,959.53

Best of luck in the race on Saturday! Let’s hope for a win.

Racing Club Financial Update Through August

We’re back at the track today and it’s always a weird feeling when the live race meet ends. It’s quite a ride during the season and it’s an odd letdown when it all comes to an end. This year, it’s quite a different mood here as the cooperative marketing agreement between Canterbury Park and Mystic Lake Casino ensures that racing will not only be here in 2013, but it will be here in a big way.

Here’s a look at the club’s finances through the end of August.

Final Balance as of 7/31 – $17,122.90


Lovely Tak 3rd Place Finish 8-17: $1,080*

High Spirit 3rd Place Finish 8-18: $1,210

High Spirit 1st Place Finish 9-2: $5,400

High Spirit Claim: $3,500

Sale of Lovely Tak: $1,500

Total Racing Club August Earnings = $12,690


Lovely Tak Day Rate (31 Days at $60 per Day) – $1,860

Great Bam Day Rate (31 Days at $60 per Day) – $1,860

High Spirit Day Rate (30 Days at 60 per Day) – $1,800

Lovely Tak Shoes (8/10) – $120

Great Bam Shoes (8/23) – $175

Lovely Tak Pony to Post (8/17) – $25

High Spirit Pony to Post (8/18 and 8/30) – $50

Equine Retirement Fees – $2 per Start – $6

Jockey Fee to Nik Goodwin for Lovely Tak (8/17) – $65*

Jockey Fee to Denny Velazquez for High Spirit (8/18) – $75

Jockey Fee to Adolfo Morales for High Spirit (8/30) – $540

Trainer Fee to Clay Brinson for High Spirit (8/18 and 8/30) – $661

Coady Photography for High Spirit Photos – $1,092.27

July Veterinarian Expenses:

Great Bam

Equine Pain Medication – $53.58

Thyroid Supplement – $22.75

Lovely Tak

Raceday Medication – $103.58

Electrolytes, Vitamins and Enzymes – $176

Thyroid Medication, Joint Lubricants and Supplements – $510.25

High Spirit

Floating Teeth – $80

Raceday Medication – $35

Electrolytes, Vitamins and Enzymes – $85

Thyroid Medication, Joint Lubricants and Supplements – $458.25

Total August Training and July Vet Expenses – $9,853.68

Total Remaining Balance – $19,959.22

* Lovely Tak originally finished fourth in her race on 8/17. However, Royal Gamble (the second place finisher) was disqualified for a positive test following the race. Therefore, we were awarded third place money.

You’ll note that this statement does not include September racing transactions which would include a second place finish for Great Bam worth $2,600 before expenses or the August vet bill. These will be reflected on the next statement.

Clay’s first group of horses will ship Saturday. Not sure if Bam is part of the first group yet or not. We’ll let you know when we find out more.

Lovely Tak Arrives at Her New Home

Lovely Tak (I call her “Lovey”) came to her new home yesterday at 12:30. She loaded and unloaded from the trailer like the pro she is. She has a lot calmer personality than Crown the Cat did when I first brought herhome. The llamas frighten her a bit (probaby has never seen one before) and she has spooked her ownself a couple of times already.

I sat out with her for a couple of hours yesterday and watched her as she pawed the ground wanting to roll. If I could put her actions into human words, it looked like she was saying, “Man, I’ve always wanted to try this rolling thing in the dirt ‘cuz all de udder horsies’ say it feels so good…” so she kept pacing around her paddock, pawing, pacing, pawing and when she finally went down to do a roll, she spooked herself and jumped straight up from her back and then started pacing and snorting and looking all fearsom and firey… she’ll settle down soon and figure things out though…

Crown the Cat and Cayenne Pepper are establishing their dominance over the fenceline. The New Kid in town always seems to get picked on when they first move in… they’ll become friends once Lovey knows that the Cat wears a crown and rules the place.

Lovey has a different conformation than the Cat… Lovey has a shorter back and is more square and the Cat is longer and has a scopey stride… it’s interesting to compare their different looks but they still were winners for our club and I thank Jeff and Canterbury for the opportunity to own a real live race horse. I plan to breed Lovey to Shot of Gold who was the fastest horse in MN in 2006 and stands at Dove Hill farm with Matt’s Broken Vow.

I’ll send pictures when I can!
Kathy and Crown the Cat and ‘Lovey’
I Kin Ye Farms

High Spirit Wins, Great Bam Entered & More!

Congratulations on your second victory of the meet! High Spirit did what he was supposed to do last night and dispatched of his competition with relative ease as the wagering favorite!

Adolfo Morales gave him a very good ride keeping him tucked inside early in the race before angling him off the rail and swinging him wide for the drive where he was able to cruise home for the victory. Click here to see the full chart. Replay below:


Additionally, he was claimed for $3,500 by trainer Clinton Venner for new owner Jill Houston. In all, not a bad way to have that one wind down as we get the plus part of the purse ($5,400) plus the claim price of $3,500.

Congratulations on the victory! We’ll be working another deal with the photographer so that you can all have a picture of the win. More information to come on that later today or tomorrow.

Next, Great Bam’s race did fill for Monday. It will be run as the second of eleven races on closing day. Post time should be approximately 2 p.m. Make plans to attend closing day and watch Great Bam! It’s the M-Z group’s turn in the paddock. Please be sure to line up outside the paddock shortly after the first race to go in as a group.

He looks to be competitive in this spot. Obviously, we’ll need a little racing luck with a full field and we’ll have to hope that he’s at a pretty high fitness level. In any case, it will be good to see him running.

Lastly, Lovely Tak has been sold for $1,500 to a member of the racing club that intends to breed her next year. This is a good solution as she’ll be going to a good home… the same home as Crown the Cat! The group will collect the $1,500 and it will be placed in the account. Lovely Tak will likely ship out early next week.

We looked for a race for her, but it was clear this morning that there weren’t going to be enough in the race to make it go. Thus, we wish her well in her new career as a mom!

Bam Puts In Strong Workout, Etc

Great Bam put in one final strong workout prior to his (hopeful) race on Monday. He went out this morning and went four furlongs in 46 and 4/5 seconds under Nik Goodwin.

We’ll enter tomorrow for Monday, hopefully the race gets enough runners to go.

Reminder, High Spirit runs tonight. Post time for his race is scheduled to be 10:49pm.

Also, if you have not yet claimed your Lovely Tak picture, please do so tonight at the THIRD FLOOR information booth. Again, the pictures will only be available at the third floor info booth, directly to your right at the top of the escalators.