Updates and Coffee Talk

Vanderboom seems no worse for wear nearly a week after his effort.  He’s going back to the track and will be galloping for another week or so before we’ll look to find him another race in maybe a bit of a softer spot!

Vanderboom Ridge last week.

Vanderboom Ridge last week.

The search continues to find Miz Owell a home – either to retire from racing or get the rest she needs before returning to the track in the spring.

Look for an invitation in this space for a morning get together on the apron before the end of the meet.  We’ll have some coffee and donuts as well as watch some morning works and generally have a “last hurrah” before the track closes for the season.  If you’re not a Clubber but have been thinking about it, you’re free to come along as well!  We should have the details worked out this weekend and have an announcement the beginning of next week.

Some vet bills came in so we’ll be finalizing the next financial spreadsheet as well and that should be posted this weekend.



Claiming and Racing Question

The following question came in earlier this evening and I know that many folks don’t get a chance to get back in and read the comments section and I think this is worth everyone getting a chance to read so I’m making it into an entire post. I would emphasize – please feel free and stop me anytime you see me if you have comments and questions or log on and drop them in here so they can get answered and you feel like you’re left wondering.

Q – Ted – I am a little disappointed on how the club is being handled this year. I thought by now we would have another horse. Mz. Owell will probably get claimed this Friday and then we will be back to ZERO. Why haven’t we got another horse yet? Why are we running Mz. Owell in a $7500 spot instead of trying her higher? Lots of questions and I hope you can satisfy the club people with your answers. Since this is a learning experience I don’t know if we need a better horse ($$$) or what. I know that many people have talked to me and I don’t have any answers.

A – I’m sorry that you and others are disappointed. I am around and walking around every weekend so folks should feel free to stop and ask me anything or drop a question in here where they can get answers.

Clay and I have been looking for another horse since we got Miz Owell. We had to wait a week or so because Clay didn’t have any stall space but other than that, we’ve checked over probably half a dozen horses since that time – 3 this weekend alone. As you all know, I give Clay veto power over anything that I pick out because his eye is a lot better than mine as is his ear on backside scuttlebutt that would give him a clue as to what may be wrong with a horse. He rejected all three, so we continue to look for something in that 7500 – 16000 range that he can work with. Since we claimed Miz Owell there has only been a single claim between that range. And to reiterate, neither of us like to claim at the bottom because that is where there the soreness and soundness issues tend to lie and that’s when vet bills become extraordinary and racing becomes problematical.

The reason we are running Miz Owell at $7500 is because that’s the only place we can for at least another 2 weeks. She’s already been off too long between her stomach issue and her race coming off the turf. Ideally we would have liked a $12,500 claiming race but none were written so we had a choice – run her at $7500 and get her on the track or wait until July 24 and hope the $10,000 race filled. If it didn’t, we’d have to wait longer – at which point people would be upset that we weren’t racing.

It’s a tightrope balancing act but we would rather err on the side of racing than sitting in the barn and hopefully we’ll have a stablemate to go with her (or without her) soon. If she does get claimed, we’ll continue to look for another horse to try and get two in the stable.

Miz Owell: Race Preview

If all goes well we will be racing tomorrow night in the 5th. There is a chance she scratches if the race comes off the turf. She’s tried a wet surface twice and she missed the board each time. We’ll have to wait and see what develops.

First a bit of a comment about the race selection. I know that there is a chance we lose her in the race – and for $2500 less than we bought her for – but we have to run. We had to scratch out of the last race, the $10,000 claimer, because of the tummy ache and, even though all is well now, if we wait for the next one of those, then we may have to wait another few weeks and she’s been on the bench long enough. There hasn’t been much between this and $20,000 and $20,000 may be a bit much for her, so we’ll go in here and take our chances.

Here is the field:

My Crazy Dayse (Riecken/Hernandez) – hasn’t won since Fonner but was certainly competitive at this level on the grace in her Canterbury debut.

Warrensmysterydice (Hop/Coddington) – Made her Canterbury debut last out at this level and was a little flat. Could improve second over the surface though.

Strength N Beauty (Lund/Butler) – Minnesotan is dropping in class into this one and certainly can play a major role. She’s improved with each start and will be coming late.

Spell Winder (Donlin/Delorme) – Sprinter stretching out to 7 1/2 could certainly prompt the pace and the way speed has been holding on turf, who knows how far she can carry it?


Dakota Peach Pie (Rickert/TBA) – Trying to win 3 in a row, which is a tough feat for any horse. First try over the turf and does not appear to be bred for it, but the sample size it small.

Make Money Honey (Diodoro/Ramgeet) – Another trying to win her 3rd straight from the always dangerous Diodoro barn. She’ll be tough anyway, but particularly so if it comes off the turf.

Sweet Tango (Bethke/Bethke) – Dropping down, she won here at $12,500 and was certainly competitive at $16,000. Should be just off the pace and will probably be the one to beat.

If your a Beyer Speed Figure aficionado, we certainly look good in here. We should be able to sit off the early leaders, probably 6 – 8 lengths back and there should be enough pace to run at late. The question in my mind is if Sweet Tango has enough late, she may be tough to get past in there lane. We will certainly have some company late as Make Money Honey will probably look to take the same route home as we will.

This is, however, a winnable race, and I am hoping for the best – as well as the race staying on the turf!

We have a spot in Silks (Canterbury Racing Club will be on the tables) and we will look to meet Paddock Group 2 over there and head over for the race. You can also meet us at the paddock gate as well.

Good luck and keep an eye on Twitter and this spot tomorrow for any scratch information!

July Tour In The Books

The weather certainly cooperated for our backside tour yesterday. It was sunny, warm and dry which made for a really nice couple of hours watching horses.

Many thanks to everyone involved that helped out including Michelle Benson, Oscar Quiroz, all the trainers we overwhelmed on the trainer’s stand and, of course, Clay and his team. A special shout out should go to Miz Owell herself who was very happy with all the attention and love (not to mention carrots!) that she received.

And thanks to all of you that made the time to come on out and join us. The tour is always a highlight every year for us and we’re glad that you came out and spent your morning in one of our absolute favorite places.

Here are some pictures of the visit with our girl:

Club 1

Club 2

Club 3

Club 4

Club 5

Work and A Race

Miz Owell went 4 furlongs this morning in :48.4, placing her fifth amongst 28 works at the distance this morning.

It wasn’t a bad work but Clay wanted to have her scoped to check on her throat and lungs. She’s okay but just something that Clay wanted to check on.

We entered her and are in for Thursday night, Race 5. We’ll be in post 5 in the $7500 claiming race going about 7 1/2 furlongs on the grass. Denny Velazquez will be on board.

It is $2500 less than what we bought her for, but she’s been on the bench for a while, we missed the $10K last week with her colic issue and now we’re checking on her breathing. A win and a claim wouldn’t be horrible and we are shopping this weekend for another Club horse.

Group 2 is back up for the paddock: LaCasse – Ryshavy

I am traveling that day but will try to get back here in time for the race.

Good luck!!

Miz Owell Update

We went by to see our girl after racing last night. She seemed a bit tired, but otherwise pretty darn good. Her eyes were nice and bright, no signs of discomfort, and she was up and showed no signs of being uncomfortable.

The barn folks kept an eye on her overnight and this morning and Clay’s last words yesterday afternoon were “I’ll call you in the morning if anything is up. If all is well you won’t hear from me.”

No call. All appears to be clear.

She’ll head back to the track and get back into the swing of things quickly now that she’s feeling back to normal and we’ll try and find the next race. Paddock group 2, you’ll be up again when the time comes!

I’m grateful that she’s doing well and she only had some mild discomfort.

In the next couple of days I will post the RSVP list for Saturday (just in case you thought you did but you didn’t, or I screwed something up!) as well as directions and some guidelines.


Miz Owell needed to scratch this morning. She started acting like she was bellyachy this morning and the vet came and treated her. You could say it was a touch of colic. Here is the clinical definition of colic:

“Equine colic is a relatively common disorder of the digestive system. Although the term colic, in the true definition of the word, simply means “abdominal pain,” the term in horses refers to a condition of severe abdominal discomfort characterized by pawing, rolling, and sometimes the inability to defecate.

There are a handful of different types of colic, depending on the cause of the condition. There is also a spectrum of severity in this condition; oftentimes a horse may have a mild bout of abdominal pain that resolves with a single dose of medication whereas other times, surgery may be warranted. For this reason, all colic should be treated as an emergency.” (PetMD.com)

Miz Owell’s condition would be considered mild, but she was treated for the condition and the accompanying pain so we just had to scratch her from the race.

We’ll give her a few days to recover and make sure she’s feeling okay and then we’ll look to see where else she might fit.

Miz Owell Race Preview

We’re off in front of the home crowd once again with Paddock Group 2 leading the way. Here is a brief rundown of this large group of $10,000 claimers going 7 1/2 furlongs over the turf.

She’s Mighty Fast (Padilla/A Canchari) – 3rd to our girl in the acquisition race. Hot barn and leading rider.

Tactical Girl (Litfin/Mojica) – Claimed last out after a 5th place finish in $7500. Another hot barn with newly arrived talented jock Orlando Mojica. Gal has done well on the CBY turf in the past.

Bear Facts (Lund/Franco) – Just missed by a neck last out in her return to the races after a layoff. Probably benefitted from that outing and now moves up to tackle these.

Enlightened (Bethke/Butler) – Claimed out of our acquisition race which was a disappointing debut after a layoff. Butler stays aboard and this gal certainly has done better against higher.

Scatin Around (Ashford/Rosier) – Cutting the claiming price in half for this outing after a lackluster effort in her return.

Shesa Sweet Secret (Brinson/Carreno) – Shows great speed but has been unable to extend it to a mile or more. However 7 1/2 furlongs appears to be right in her wheelhouse. She should be tough on the front end.

Sweet Tango (Bethke/Bethke) – Minnesotan was a last out winner on her return to the turf.

Dakota Eyes (Rarick/Martin) – Several sub-par efforts since the break in Tampa and the return to Canterbury.

Emma Lea’s Song (Herb/Jimenez) – Was overtaken by our gal late. Will Rodgers shippers have been tough and the cutback to 7 1/2 furlongs may be all she needs.

The Real McCoy (Sheehan/Goodwin) – Bit of a tough spot for the well traveled mare after her 6th place finish against most of these.


Lamazone (McFarlane/Hernandez) – 1st start back in MN after Turf Paradise where he ended his winter with a win. An allowance placed runner here last season.

While we’ve beaten many in here, this is a tough spot. Three wins in a row is hard and doing it at 7 1/2 furlongs from the 11 post is exceptionally difficult. Denny is really going to have his work cut out for him. He’ll need to try and not to lose too much ground while still being able to get inside and not go too wide in the short run to the first turn. Not an easy task even with as well as he’s been riding this meet.

This is a really well balanced field with speed, stalkers and closers. I think we’re good enough to win but we most certainly are going to need some luck to do it.

In Sunday

Miz Owell will make her first start for the Club this Sunday, June 26 – Leg Up Day – in the 7th race. It is a $10,000 claiming race going 7 1/2 furlongs over the turf. Denny Velazquez will be riding and we’re starting out of post 11.

She’s been training well but it is a very full field and we have a tough post but Denny will do well aboard.

We’ll keep you posted on a spot on track to gather. It is “Leg Up Day” so I suspect that the meeting spots are pretty full, but Jeff is checking and if we can, we’ll have a spot.

Group 2 is the Paddock Group and, as a reminder, group 2 is LaCasse – Ryshavy.

Good Luck!