Nevada on Saturday’s Mr Ark entry; the ‘perfect’ race is elusive

Today Nevada sizes up the chances for Mr Ark on Saturday.


Belle Back on Track

Brilliant Belle, scrape aside, came out of her race really well. Her cut is already healing and she galloped over the main track today with no problem. She may be sweet as can be in the barn, but she’s a tough filly too!

Nevada, star of paddock and screen, did another video for us letting us know a bit about how she came out of the race and what could be next.

Belle Works on Sunday

Brilliant Belle had her first work since arriving at Canterbury Park on Sunday morning.  Trainer Nevada Litfin sent her out for a three furlong breeze which she completed in a reported 41 seconds flat.

Generally speaking you would like to see a horse work in about :12 seconds per furlong, more of less or, in this case, 36 seconds or so.  That said, Belle finished up her work well and reportedly galloped out strong.  There is a chance that the work time was misreported.  She didn’t appear to be moving that slowly and there is a lot going on in the mornings with horses coming on and off the track, breaking off at different points to work at different distances and sometimes there is confusion that results in a misreported time.

She came off the track well and cooled down fine.  In the immortal words of our favorite track announcer Paul Allen, “time only matters in prison”.

We’ll talk more about workouts during the tours – or at breakfast if you’d like.

In other news, Belle came up a bit snotty this morning which is unsurprising given the extremes in weather that she’s been subjected to over the past week or so.  In a nutshell, she has a cold.  She’ll be treated and it certainly does not appear serious enough to interrupt her training.  She would walk a day or two after her work anyway and then head back to the track to gallop.  We’ll plan on working her again next weekend and, as long as all is well, look for that first race!

We looked to privately purchase a horse at Hawthorne but were unable to complete the deal.  There was some concern over the ability to get races for the horse here for a low level route dirt horse, a risk we could mitigate by purchasing at a favorable price point.  However, not given that price point we will come start the meet with one horse while looking to claim a second early in the meet with Clay Brinson.