A Bit of Reflection

Thanks for a great year. I have to start with that because I had a great time and it’s due, in large part, to all of you in the Club that I had the pleasure of meeting this summer and interacting with here and in person.

ASK EDDY was a helluva horse for us. When Clay called and asked me to take a look at two horses in a race the last day at Hawthorne I was torn. EDDY seemed to have more upside while the other was a consistent money earner. I gambled on EDDY and it initially looked like I lost. EDDY was a mess, but messes appear to be Clay’s specialty and between he, Juan and the grooms in the barn, EDDY was a racehorse again. He had some physical issues that prevented him from climbing the ladder, but he is as honest as the day is long and gave his best whenever he ran. EDDY won four times for us and did a nice job keeping the coffers filled.

More importantly, EDDY brought joy. That grumpy old gelding brought a lot of joy – not just in winning but in being. That first race one partner (I shall use no names here!) was in tears realizing a life-long dream to be in the paddock. Ending up in the Winners’ Circle was nearly too much to bear and she broke down in very happy tears. THAT moment alone made the summer worthwhile!

I took a flyer on MUNDY and, in hindsight, made a mistake. She was all out for 7 furlongs and needed to have the race set up just right for her to win on the front end. The Canterbury turf is a different animal than the Turf Paradise surface and I failed to take that into proper consideration. She tried hard but we couldn’t get her the trip she needed to win and lost her to her original connections (who won with her about a month ago back in AZ). I should have been more insistent on trying her over the Canterbury dirt which probably more closely mimics the turf in AZ than our turf course did! And she trained so nicely over it as well.

A couple of lessons learned with MUNDY: don’t stress so much about picking up a horse that you overlook pertinent details (or talk yourself into discounting them) and though I trust my trainers implicitly, when I have a sound reason for an action I need to be more insistent.

The backside tours, while sparsely attended compared to what the interest level seemed to be, went very well. Much thanks goes to Jeff, Jalique and Michelle for pitching in to help and, of course, to everyone on the backside that were so accommodating to us. It’s so much fun to be back there and I only wish I could you bring you all back there at the crack of dawn – it’s one of my favorite places in the world that time of day. Thanks for coming out, asking questions and making the most out of your experience.

Roughly speaking, with no bills in yet from November, it appears as if we will be down right about MUNDY’s claiming price, maybe a bit more. All in all, not a bad season at all, but I hope that we can measure it more than by dollars and cents. I hope that you all learned a lot (or some anyway) and had fun doing it. A lot goes in to racing a Thoroughbred and while the process appears to be shrouded in mystery, I hope that by pulling back the curtain a bit that process was de-mystified for you.

If any of you are interested in moving on to a smaller partnership I hope that you will include me in your deliberations. Drop me a line (ted@grevelisracing.com) and I can get you some information, add you to the email list and we can go from there.

Thank you all so very much for participating and my personal thanks to Jeff for allowing me this opportunity. Stay tuned for details for next year’s Club. One change I know is definite is that we will be closing membership 30-days earlier in order to allow more time to claim horses so keep that in mind as you look to sign up. Have a great Thanksgiving and I look forward to seeing you all at the races!


Welcome to “Mundy”

The Club claimed it’s second and final horse (for now) of the 2013 season, turf specialist MUNDY out of the 4th race today at Canterbury for $16,000.

Munday is 5-year old mare out of the Cherokee Run mare Conquestress by the Giant’s Causeway stallion First Samurai.

The stakes placed mare is an effective middle distance runner and had a bit of a troubled trip from the race we claimed her.  She stayed just off the pace, which is not her normal running style, and as she moved up along the rail ran into trouble causing her to be steadied a bit and losing momentum heading through the turn.  She tried to close through the lane but was unable to recover her lost momentum and still finished a nice third considering she was running against her running style and on a softer turf course that she’s been used to running.

We’ll get her back to Clay’s barn and give her the once over before starting her on the “Brinson Treatment” and seeing where she fits next!

Final 2012 Racing Club Update

Well, it was a great run. We’ve finalized all of the bills and have some exciting new information to share about the 2013 Racing Club. First, let’s wrap up 2013!

Here’s a look at our final financial statements for the year:

Balance as of November 30, 2012 = $24,127.04

December Revenue

3rd Place Finish (December 21) – $1,600

Sale of Great Bam – $3,000

December Expenses

Training (22 days @ $60 per day) – $1,320

Post Parade Pony (December 21) – $25

Trainer Fee (10% of 3rd place finish) – $160

Jockey Fee (3rd place finish) – $125

December Veterinarian Expenses

Raceday & Anti-Bleeding Medication – $65

Electrolytes, Vitamins and Enzymes – $107.50

Thyroid Medication, Joint Lubricants and Supplements –  $570.10

Total December Expenses – 2,372.60

2012 Canterbury Racing Club Final Balance – $26,354.44

With a final outstanding balance of $26,354.44 and a total of 165 shares in the club, each membership will be entitled to a return of $159.72

Obviously not a banner year; however, we did get a very robust experience including some of the highs and lows of racing. Hopefully you found your $90 expenditure to be worth the experience and you enjoyed the trips to the track and the educational opportunities this club provides.

In 2013, the racing club will take a slightly different shape as both Jeff and I will be largely removing ourselves from the club and experienced racing partnership organizer and a member of the Minnesota Thoroughbred Association Ted Grevelis will be taking the reins of the Racing Club.

The club will continue to keep its low membership fee of $250 and its great benefits and we hope that the group goes to even greater heights in 2013 with a larger membership base and a wider variety of horses from different parts of the country.

For more information about the 2013 Racing Club, including a formal introduction of Ted, and for forms that will allow you to roll your 2012 Remaining Balance into the 2013 Racing Club, click on this link. If you do not choose to take part in the 2013 Racing Club, checks will be returned to all members that have not elected to rollover on February 15.

Thanks for being a part of the 2012 Racing Club, we have really enjoyed the educational experience and hope you have too.

The 2013 Racing Club will be even better and we can’t wait to see where the group goes and the runners it brings to town! May all your photo finishes be winning ones in 2013.

Lovely Tak Runs Fourth

Lovely Tak ran in tonight’s opener finishing fourth. She simply wasn’t able to overcome the speed bias and Boneafide Cat. That being said, she did run markedly better than she did last time out only beaten by 2 and 1/2 lengths this time around.

We’ll have to see how she comes out of the race before deciding on where to run her next. Obviously, the Claiming Series Final would be an option; however, she would have to improve to beat that group. Another option would be to bring her back in a different claiming race. We’ll discuss this with Clay when we find out how she is doing.

Thanks to everyone that came out tonight. Hope you enjoyed the evening at the races!

Lovely Tak Entered – Faces Familiar Foes

As you have likely already found out, Lovely Tak was entered in tomorrow’s first race of the evening. The final Claiming Series Qualifying Races for Fillies and Mares. Nik Goodwin will ride and the race is scheduled for 7:07PM.

She faces five others in a field of six including Downerbythemeadow – now owned by Zephyr Racing Stable and trained by Valorie Lund. Overall, she has 2 points in the 2012 Claiming Series and she will be one of only six horses to have run in enough qualifying races to be eligible for the $25,000 Final on August 2nd. Obviously, let’s take one thing at a time.

Last names starting with M through Z are eligible for the paddock tomorrow night. Plan on being in front of the paddock no later than 6:45 if you want to get in.

Jeff and Andrew have a pretty full night with the hot tub show and summer school. Molly will be around to help guide everyone through the paddock process and Jeff will join the group shortly after the hot tub show concludes.

We have some space in Silks (main level to the left of the winner’s circle) for the group to congregate afterward to enjoy the remainder of the races.

Post any questions or comments here. Otherwise, let’s hope for a good trip!

Tour Information & Another Claim Attempt Gone Bad

First of all, we attempted to claim King of Rhythm out of today’s first race today. However, King of Rhythm acted up in the starting gate, and because he was scratched, claims were revoked. We continue to try to find a horse but you are getting a first hand experience of just how tough it can be.

It sounds like there were 3 claims in on the horse, so it may not have worked out. However, it is still disappointing.

Tour Date Picked

On a brighter note, we are happy let you know that we will have a backside tour on Wednesday night (6/27) at 5:30PM. We will meet up and take a tour of the barn, see your horses and talk a little bit about what goes on in the barn area on a daily basis.

If that doesn’t work with your schedule, we will be planning a Saturday tour date in the near future.

Please e-mail Jeff (jmaday@canterburypark.com) or Andrew (aofferman@canterburypark.com) and let us know if you will be attending.

Racing Club Update with May Bills & Info on a New Horse

As a few of you have mentioned, Clay did claim a horse for the Club tonight out of the Claiming Series Race (Lovely Tak). Lovely Tak ran sixth and doesn’t really appear to have an affinity for mud as she has never performed well in it during her career.

The hope is to run her back as the Claiming Series continues. For those that have not read up on the Claiming Series, it gives you a chance to run your $3,500 horse for a $25,000 purse. More information is available on the Claiming Series here.

Jeff and I will go back to the barn in the coming days and find out a little more about Lovely Tak and about how she came out of the race.

Racing Has its Ups and Downs

As we’ve tried to explain to you all throughout this journey, racing is a roller coaster ride. Unfortunately, earlier today, Clay called to tell us that Great Bam’s quarter crack was worse than anticipated and that it will require special treatment, stall rest and protective bandaging.

Obviously, this is not the news that we wanted to hear. Clay and the farrier believe that this issue will require 3-4 weeks to fully heal before he can resume training. Therefore, we’re likely looking at August before Bam may be able to race.

We’ll continue talking to Clay to find out the plans and the progress that Bam is making. He was very disappointed when he gave us this news as he was expecting this horse to run big here this summer.

Canterbury Racing Club Financial Update

Next, here’s an update on the Club’s finances through May (less vet expenses):

Cash Balance at the end of April is $34,856.45

Less the following expenses:

Thyroid Treatment & Phenylbutazone (Great Bam) – $60

Shipping (Great Bam from Chicago to MN) – $350

Farrier (Great Bam) – $120

May Training (Great Bam) – $1,860 (31 days at $60 per day)

Claim of Downerbythemeadow – $3,500

May Training (Downerbythemeadow) – $360

May Dental Work (Downerbythemeadow) – $85

Cash Balance on May 31 – $28,466.45

Remember, this doesn’t really reflect the current state of the account it only deals with where were at on May 31. We have collected $3,500 for the claim of Downerbythemeadow plus more than $2,400  in revenue for the second place finish on June 8. Plus, there are vet bills to pay for May.

The revenue will be realized when we walk you through this information for June.

Obviously, there is a lot of information to digest in here. Please post questions and comments if you have them.

June 12 Racing Club Update

As a few of you have mentioned, Great Bam did work out this morning. He went five furlongs in 1:03 and 1/5 which was ranked 8/8 at the distance.

Clay reported that he noticed a small quarter crack on one of Great Bam’s hooves after the conclusion of the workout. A quarter crack is a crack in the side wall of the hoof. When detected early is can usually be fixed relatively easily through the application of an acrylic patch.

For those that were in the group last year, Crown the Cat dealt with something similar and didn’t have any problems continuing to run throughout the summer. Clay plans on having the farrier come over in the morning to determine the best way to patch it up and, at this time, doesn’t believe it will impact his plans for Bam to race within the next week or so.

As of now, the plan is to get the new Condition Book when it comes out later this week and point Bam toward the next race he fits in. Hopefully, that means he’ll have a race within the next 7-10 days.

Where to Find Another Horse?

There have been a lot of inquires as to where to find the next horse. At this point, we are looking at claiming a horse out of the Claiming Series races. The claiming series is an opportunity for $3,500 claiming horses to run for a $25,000 purse in early August. The first one of these races takes place on Thursday night (Race 6).

Click here to learn more about the Claiming Series.

If you really want to get into the details of the Claiming Series, full rules can be found here.

Per usual, please send in a comment if you have questions.

Downerbythemeadow Entered for Friday

Downerbythemeadow has been entered in a 6 furlong, non-winners of two races in the year (races for $3,000 or less excluded) on Friday, June 8. We’re in the fifth race which will go off a little after 9:00PM. It’s a field of seven where she should hopefully be competitive.

You can see the entries for the race by clicking here.

Jeff and I will get back to the group later in the week with details about paddock procedures, group seating possibilities, etc.

Great Bam Works Out

Great Bam worked Saturday morning, covering four furlongs in 47 seconds.
Clay reported this morning that the workout went according to plan and Great Bam came back well from that work.
Following a workout, a horse is usually walked in the shed row for a couple of days. Clay watched Great Bam walk this morning and everything looks good. He likely will work Bam one more time before we have the opportunity to race.
Ownership involves a great amount of hope and patience.Bam went through one set-back but seems to be back on course. That is where the hope and patience come into play. Clay thinks Bam will win here. The Brinson record thus far gives us know reason to doubt that.