July 11 Tour Update

We won’t know until Wednesday afternoon if TENS WILD is in for Saturday.  Please be aware that if he is, we will not be seeing him because it’s his race day.  There will be a certain routine that we will want him to maintain.  Also, horses can get a little worked up after visiting and we certainly don’t need to do that to him before a race.

Again, we won’t know until Wednesday afternoon but I wanted to give you a heads up to know what to expect.  There is still plenty to see: works, the administration building as well as the horse pool.  Certainly plenty to see and talk about.


Entering TENS WILD Wednesday

We will be entering TENS WILD on Wednesday for Saturday, Lady Canterbury/Mystic Lake Mile day. The race is 7 1/2 furlongs on the turf and carries a tag of $16,000. If the race fills, we’ll know it by mid-day on Wednesday. Clay has schooled him in the paddock (bringing him up to the paddock on a race day for a run-through to try and get him more comfortable on race day since he was so washy last race) and done some work with him around the gate as well. He anticipates a much better race on Saturday.

Given the big racing day, there may be a chance that we will not be able to get a place to gather for the race, but we’ll know more after the race draws.

He’s been galloping very well and doing well over the track. Should the race come off the turf, we will still be going.

I’m doing some checking on a few things, but stay tuned for information on the tour. We’re scheduled for Saturday but it’s race day for our horse, so no barn visit. This is something that hasn’t happened in my few years doing this so I want to touch base with a few people and get their thoughts before we take any action on the tour.

Sunday Tour Information

Sunday’s tour will start at 9:30AM. We will all gather at the stable gate. The stable gate is located off Canterbury Rd. From 169, go west on Canterbury Rd, through the first stoplight (McDonalds, Culvers) and continue until you hit Barenscheer Blvd. Take a left, the stable gate is the first left on this road.

Please park outside of the stable gate and wait for Jeff, Andrew and other to arrive. Depending on the size of the group, we will split the group into 2-3 smaller groups to walk around and see some of the daily activities. Plan on spending about an hour and please come prepared to do some walking.

If you would like to come and have not RSVP’d, please e-mail aofferman@canterburypark.com.

Respond via comment or e-mail if you have any questions!