Silks Again for EDDY’s Race

We will again have a spot in Silks reserved for EDDY’s race on Saturday. We will have an area both inside and outside. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous until late and VERY hot – into the 90s. Make sure you stay hydrated and make sure that you also head upstairs to the 3rd floor information booth to pick up your winners’ circle photos from EDDY’s last race.

As I mentioned, I have a horse in the race previous to EDDY’s so I will not be joining you all in Silks prior to the race as usual but I will hustle over to the paddock to meet Group 3 as soon as possible – hopefully after a photo (but it’s a toughie).

As a reminder, Group 3 is last names beginning from L – R.

I’ll be posting a breakdown of the race later today and hopefully we can all squeeze into the winners’ circle again!


2 thoughts on “Silks Again for EDDY’s Race

    • I’ll break the race down in a post later today. I can tell you this, though without consulting him, he doesn’t care a rip who wins – he just wants to finished 1st & 2nd, in whatever order the racing gods allow. Sometimes in a barn you have horses that fit the same condition and you have to enter for your owners regardless of whether or not you have another horse in the race and the race is then decided on the racetrack. You do what is right for the horse and your client in a vacuum the best you can. Sometimes this happens and the best a trainer can hope for is going 1-2…or a dead heat!

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