2018 Club Sign-Ups are On!

The 2018 Sign Ups are open until the end of February.

The Pertinents And Such

The Club is $250 to join with no additional expenses. We work with our trainer(s) to claim or purchase horses prior to the Canterbury meet and members can follow their horse(s) throughout the season.

You will have rotating access to the paddock before races, backside tours, a special place to gather on race day (when available), admission to any special Club events and – if we are fortunate enough to win – access to the Winners’ Circle after a race.  All the while learning the ins and outs of owning and campaigning a race horse.

The new member sign up form is here:

2018 Canterbury Racing Club Membership

If you are a returning member you should have received and email from Jeff on the specifics of how to roll over your 2017 membership into 2018.  If you haven’t, please let one of us know at ted@grevelisracing.com or jmaday@canterburypark.com.

Let us know if you have any questions via email or the ‘comments’ section below.

See you at the races!


2018 Open for Business

If you were a member of the 2017 Club you should have received your final tally and renewal form in your email by now. If you haven’t, please notify Jeff (jmaday@canterburypark.com) or myself (ted@grevelisracing.com).

We hope you’ll join us for 2018. We’ll be closing membership at the end of February so there is still time – and we’ll send reminders periodically as well.

Once we are all set, we will start shopping for our 2018 horses.

If you’re joining for the first time, please take a moment to click here and pick up all the details on how the Club works and find the sign up sheet as well. Just remit your application according to the instructions and you’ll be part of our team for 2018!

We look forward to seeing you at the track!

2017 Clubbers: Watch Your Inbox

For all 2017 Clubbers, keep an eye on your inbox later this week to get the final spreadsheet and the rollover form for 2018 from Jeff Maday.  We, of course, really hope that you’ll all join us again as well as telling your friends!

The amount returned this year is $74.27.  The compares favorably with the $42.93 from last year.  This means to roll over and join up again next year has decreased to $175.77 from a shade over $200 last year.

Obviously the quick injury and retirement of Jerry’s Two Tickets hurt a lot and the decision, as I mentioned before, of sending Belle to KY rather than Hawthorne probably hurt some as well.  She also was her own worst enemy as far as nicking herself up.  Every year we learn something and that certainly includes me as well.

We’ll take those lessons into 2018, learn from them, and once again make a run at an enjoyable, educational season.  We hope you’ll all come back and join us!

2018 New Member Sign Ups Have Begun

If you’ve been following along and wondering when it would be the time you could sign up for the 2018 Club or when you could finally tell your friends that it was time for new sign-ups for the 2018 Canterbury Racing Club…today is that day!

This is for NEW Club signups, folks that were NOT members in 2017.

Here are the guidelines:

Members will pay $250 to join the Club. There are no additional fees and the only additional expense will be if we are fortunate enough to get into the Winners’ Circle, there will be small charge for a photo.

The Club ends at the end of 2018 or when we have sold off our horses. As an example, in 2013 we closed in November because our last horse was claimed then and it made no sense to claim a horse for only a few weeks. In 2016, however, we raced straight until December 30th while last year we sold the horse privately on December 27.

Members get admission to Canterbury Park for the season as well as, if available, a special location to watch the races, rotating paddock access and – again, if we’re lucky – access to the Winners’ Circle. We will conduct a few backstretch tours during the season as well so we can visit the barns and get a glimpse at life on the backside. Last year we did a welcome coffee, juice and donuts that was well received so we’ll see if we can do that again as well.

You get to follow YOUR horse(s) during the year!

Members can only get back as much money as they put in. This is a not for profit venture and is used as an educational experience to get people familiar with all the ins and outs of race horse ownership and “pull back the curtain”, if you will, and de-mystify the game.

We’re launching our “open enrollment” period, if you will. We’ll be looking to close out by February 28, 2018. Nevada Litfin and Clay Brinson will once again train for the Club. Nevada had a terrific season last year while Clay had some challenges. However you don’t forget how to be a terrific horseman and Clay has given us good seasons in the past and we’ll look forward to a bounce-back summer this year! We have averaged about 150 members over the past couple of years and if we have this many again we will look to have one horse with each trainer and, ideally, have them in place to start the 2017 Canterbury Park season.

For those of you that are 2017 Club member: You will have the opportunity to either roll over your returning money into the 2018 Club or receive a check for the amount. We have NOT received the final vet bill yet so we have not closed out the year. I will be posting again once we close out 2017 and will have the rollover form available at that time as well. We are aiming for the end of January for the rollover forms. If you are a 2017 Club member, there is nothing for you to do at this time – except, of course, to tell your friends to join you this year!

Sign up forms are at the bottom of this post. At the bottom of the form is the information to mail in your agreements. Please let us know if you have any questions either by leaving a comment here or contacting us directly at ted@grevelisracing.com or jmaday@canterburypark.

2018 Canterbury Racing Club Membership

Belle Sold

The group that bought Belle was finalized yesterday, the check was made out and a group of 9 – nearly all former Clubbers – bought Belle for $2000.

Keep in mind, this is the same amount that we sold Vanderboom Ridge for at the end of last season – and he won his last race at $4000.  There were a couple of things working against us to get her sold off for more money.  The primary issue we have is the one we we always have – God and everyone know we have to be horseless by 12/31.  Secondarily we had a filly that could not win her last race at $5000 and she then proceeded to cut herself in her stall which did two things: kept us from racing her again to show she’s just fine and absolutely cuts back on the “eye test” factor.

We may have been able to get $2500 from a third party for her but the additional $500 for her to go someplace we don’t know didn’t seem to be the way to go for an additional $3 for everyone.  Additionally our mission is to try and educate folks about ownership so they want to do take a run at ownership, either solo or in a partnership.  This was a way of accomplishing that goal.

She had a nice run for the Club even though we ended on a bit of a down note (though a third place at Churchill Downs is pretty cool) she did give us a pair of wins – both at home.

Her first win was in a nice starter allowance race where she returned $28.40 to her backers.  This is the highest mutual that a Club horse has ever returned.  I would have to delve a little deeper but it could also be the Club’s first win in a starter allowance as well.

Her other win was a romp in a $6250 claiming race where everything seemed to go her way and she took full advantage of it.

A couple of things I would have done differently: I would have sent her to Hawthorne after Canterbury and tried to win as many as we could before we got claimed as we have done in the past with Ask Eddie and others.  Keeneland and Churchill may have been too tough for her, especially since we were looking to get her claimed.

To that end I would have stepped back from plans to try her longer on the turf.  That was a mistake on my end.  I should have opted to go shorter and cheaper.  If she got claimed then, no big deal.  It was the end of the meet anyhow and while it is nice to follow a horse through the fall, it’s also nice to win at home and it’s not the end of the world if we lose a horse at the end of the meet.

However she did return over $20,000 to the Club and helped make up a little bit for the mis-step with Jerry’s Two Tickets.

As mentioned in the last post, we will be gathering bills and auditing the account and by the end of January we should have a solid final accounting. I hope that you will seriously consider rolling your return into the 2018 Club – we’d love to have each and every one of you back!

For those of you following along, look for details and sign ups for new members shortly after the first of the year.

Not With A Bang, But A Whimper

To paraphrase T.S. Eliot:

This is how the season ends, not with a bang but a whimper.

Belle recovered from the cut in her leg but with weather curtailing training at the Trackside Training Center at Churchill Downs, we have run out of time to get her ready enough for a start at Delta Downs.

The good news is that a group formed from current and former Clubbers will be picking her up to race her in 2018.  After shopping her for a bit but not getting any serious takers the decision was made that if we had to sell her inexpensively (like we did Vanderboom Ridge last season) it made more sense to let some Clubbers buy her and continue up the ownership ladder.

The money is being gathered now and the group formed so the deal should be consummated by the middle of next week.

We will collect bills at the end of the month, finalize expenses and put the 2017 Club to bed in mid-January (hopefully) –  Just in time to kick off the 2018 Club!

There will be no change in fees for 2018 and I would anticipate enrollment again staying open until the end of February and be able to start shopping Oaklawn with Nevada and either California or Illinois with Clay in March.  While there is no guarantee that we’ll be able to get two horses, enrollment has held pretty steady around the 150 mark which should allow us to move forward on two fronts.  If we’re able to draw more participants – all the better!

Belle’s final stats for the Club were 9 starts with a pair of wins and a third with over $20,000 in earnings.  We’ll do a more complete recap soon.

Belle: Work, Move, Race

Belle will be moving to Arkansas with the rest of the Litfin stable in about a week.  Before she leaves she’ll get a breeze at the training center to test her out and make sure she’s ready to roll and we’ll enter her at Delta Downs.  She’s been training well and her ankle is healing nicely, though slower than we would have liked – though she’s finally nearly ready.

We are also actively looking to sell her off.  If that comes first we may forgo shipping to Delta and adding the extra cost. If we can sell her in Kentucky, we’d do that as well.

While she’s caused her own issues at the end here, I think if I had to do it again I would have sent her to Hawthorne with Clay.  With the lower level of racing there we perhaps could have won a race or two and had her claimed in the process because she would have looked more attractive there than she did in Kentucky.  Hindsight is 20/20, though, and we’ll make the most of it.