Nice win by our boy TENS WILD today under Dean Butler. Though we trailed the field early it was a closely bunched group and Dean knew exactly what he had underneath him.

As the field moved through the far turn and Dean steered TENS from 6th to 3rd while getting him in the best position to make a run to the wire, I felt confident that we had it. Very exciting to get that first win and congratulations to everyone.

Big thank you to Clay, Juan, Felix and Dean for getting him ready and getting him home in front.


We will run pictures the same way we did last year: they can be picked up in the gift shop and will be $10 each. I placed an order for an initial run of 50. Last year we did 40 and then needed reorders for 10 twice. We have less people this year so I thought I’d give it a shot at 50 and see what we can do. If we end up needing more, we will reorder.

The photos should be ready for Thursday night, but most definitely by next weekend.

It looks like we’re going to look to give TENS about 3 weeks off and bring him back right at this level. CITRON KID is doing well and we’ll be looking to enter him the weekend of August 8-9.

We’ll have another post up this week and add some pictures that Heather was able to take of our boy out on the track.



14 thoughts on “CONGRATULATIONS!

  1. Loved the ride and the win. The first win is always the best. Looks like Clay’s work schooling Tens paid.

    Thanks to Clay, his team, Dean and of course Tens Wild.

    Now let get set for our second win of the season!

  2. Great win for the Club today. Horse and rider looked very good today. Congratulations to Clay too for his 3rd win in a row this week!

  3. Thanks Tens Wild team!! It was so great to finally have a win!! Can’t wait for the next one!!
    Ted – How many are in the club this year???

  4. Whoever led TW to the paddock was tops! When Tens was being saddled this man was so gentle and kind to TW, petting him as he was getting ready. You could see how much he cared for our horse. Impressed!!!

    • Felix, Tens’ groom. He’s a great guy who does a really nice job with Tens and the other horses he takes care of.

  5. Ted, Dino gave Tens a really excellent ride. Just wondering how we managed to get Butler for the ride? I could be wrong but I don’t think Clay has ever had Butler ride for him in the past (club horse or otherwise) and Clay usually tries to match jockey to horse. Did Butler get on Tens ahead of time or did he ride cold? Watching the replay it sure looked like Tens had a lot left in the tank on the gallop out and ride back to the winner’s circle on the dirt track.

    • He rode Tens cold. Which is even more impressive. The ride was great and showed how a jockey thinks ahead in a race. You can see heading into the far turn that Dean was moving up steadily while putting Tens in a position to have a clear run in the lane. Very impressive ride all around. Dean is hard to get as he tends to ride first call for Bernell Rhone but also has regular mounts for Bravo, Keen and also has ridden for Robertson this season. I know Clay has tried to get him before and this time it all worked out. And work out very well!

  6. Could we have a updated photo of the club for 2015, when u pull it up the last two years have been that oldder photo. Great win Thank U

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