Countdown to Closure for 2021!

There are only TWO WEEKS left if you want to join the Next Level Canterbury Group (March 31) and a little less than a month to join up with the Wasabi Ventures’ Canterbury Club (April 15).

The previous two posts highlight the goals and benefits of each group. We’ll remind you again in a week as we count down towards the 2021 racing season! Don’t get shut out!


2 thoughts on “Countdown to Closure for 2021!

    • For more information or to sign up:

      Wasabi Ventures Canterbury Club: or email Joe Scurto ( They will be looking to close up on April 15, 2021.

      Next Level Group: email Ted at You can join the email discussion group with no commitment and get all the details and get to know the folks that’ll be in your group before deciding! Next Level will be buttoning things up by March 31 and start shopping on April 1. LIMITED TO THE FIRST 40 PEOPLE.

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