Thursday Update – Club Meeting, Etc

Please see the previous post for updates regarding June and July vet bills and the updated account information through the end of July.

First, a reminder that we race tomorrow night! Crown the Cat is #2 in the night’s 5th Race – approximate post time is 9:00 p.m. Jeff and Andrew will meet the group down outside the paddock so that we can all go into the paddock as a group. Please congregate shortly after the conclusion of the fourth race. For those that are interested, we have reserved tables for the group in Silks.
As we pointed out yesterday, this field is definitely a bit tougher than the last group she faced and there is certainly more speed in the race. It will be interesting to see how this race unfolds, she may need to stalk the pace just a bit to stand the best chance of winning, but we’ll leave the tactics up to Kenny & Ry.
Crown the Cat Video Update
Post Race Crown the Cat Club Meeting
Following tomorrow’s race, we will hold a meeting of the Crown the Cat Club in Silks at the tables reserved for the group. (For those that haven’t been there, Silks is on track level and is on the north side of the grandstand – close to the Summit Lodge.) The meeting will be very quick, but we’d like to gather everyone in one place to discuss how things will play out with the horse and the Club.
As we have previously noted, the club as it exists, will be disbanded. It sounds like there is quite a bit of interest from current group members about carrying on and we’d like to get all of you in one place to discuss logistics, etc. Kevin Lay is interested in staying involved, but likely on a smaller level than he is currently invested.
Jeff, Kevin and Andrew have discussed the fair value for Crown the Cat and believe it to be $2,500. This price was determined by a multitude of factors, but the main piece of information was the level she has been competing at and the conditions she has left. As a non-winner of three races lifetime, she only has two more lifetime conditions (N3L and N4L) before she’ll have to run in less restricted races. Additionally, her value is slightly less because of the cost associated with shipping her to a new racetrack.
We are still looking for a group to come forward with the money to purchase Crown the Cat by Labor Day. This would allow us to tidy up all details regarding the sale of the horse, transfer of ownership, closing of accounts, etc as soon as possible.
The Club’s finances will not be finalized until the horse is actually sold, the purchase money is added into the account and the account is distributed on a prorated basis as was agreed to in the original club agreement. This will likely occur 2-3 weeks following the sale of the horse as we’ll still need to collect training and vet bills for August and a few days in September.
Post questions below or e-mail Jeff Maday at if you have specific questions or inquiries.

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