Eddy has arrived

Here is a short video of Ask Eddy.


Ask Eddy has been in Clay’s care now for about 10-days.  He’s been walking every day and already appears to have brighter eyes, a healthier coat and even has gained a few pounds!  He’s not outwardly showing any signs of ailing, but the barn is still being careful with him and he’ll be spending some time in Canterbury’s horse pool to keep his fitness level up while letting his legs rest.

He will, of course, be sent over to the track in a few weeks to get used to the surface and see how he is progressing.  If all goes well, we may be looking for a race for him near the end of May!

In the interim, we will be keeping an eye out for another runner as the meet opens our of a higher class level than Eddy (no offense Eddy!).  I will also be working with Jeff to set dates for our backside tours this season.  I’m thinking we will schedule three, possibly one each in June, July and August to give everyone an opportunity to attend one while mixing in summer vacations, etc.  We’ll let you know those dates in a few weeks.

See you next Friday night – Opening Night 2013!


18 thoughts on “Eddy has arrived

  1. He sure is cute, am wishing I had joined the club this year, oh well, there is always next year… Donna

  2. I agree, he looks bright and interested. I love bays anyway! Can’t wait to see more of him and to watch him run.

    Did Bam come back with Clay as well?

  3. Is there any new information on how Ask Eddy is doing with his training and “rest”? It would be nice to hear a bit more on what Clay thinks about him after he has had him in the barn for three weeks. Angela Hermann had a little bit about him on the http://www.canterburylive.com blog a few days ago and she sounded quite positive. It was in the post about the “Boys of Chicago” section. Look forward to hear an update.

  4. Is there any new information on how Ask Eddy is doing during his 30 day break? What does Clay think of his progress now that he has gotten a close up look at him and about 3 weeks of training.
    Is he projecting a race for him in the next couple of weeks?

    • It may be that the narrative I added after Jeff posted the video didn’t get out to everyone. Clay is happy with his progress so far. Eddy is doing well, gaining weight and his coat is shining up nicely. He has been swimming everyday to maintain fitness and will be working over the track shortly – could be as early as next week. Should his progress continue at this pace, Clay can foresee a race for him before the end of the May. We’re also cruising the PPs and watching morning works to get a feel for the next claim as well.

  5. I am looking forward to the start of the season… The new tote board look GREAT from what I have seen online. The race entries look real good as well. I noticed that Clay has 4 horses entered tomorrow and 7 on Saturday ranging from 4000 claimers to the 10,000 Lakes Stakes. He must have more horses here this year.

    • Day 1 is always exciting and this year, the first full year in our partnership with the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community, is even moreso. I think many trainers looked to upgrade and expand their stock in anticipation of the purse increases this year – and the years to come!

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