Paddock Groups and Friday Night at Silks

You all should have received an e-mail but just in case you have not, I thought I’d post the information here as well. There is a space in Silks reserved for Club members that wish to congregate there for the races on Friday night.

We split up the group into 4 parts for paddock access:

A – F – Group 1
G – K – Group 2
L – R – Group 3
S – Z – Group 4

For Friday night, Ted will be at Silks for the 3rd race and will accompany Group 1 folks over to the paddock immediately after race 3 is complete. We want to get everyone into the paddock well before the jockeys come out of the tunnel. If you make your way over to the paddock late and you see the jockeys already in the walking ring, then you’re too late and will have to wait for your group’s next turn. Please also be cognizant of the single guest policy. In addition to Ted, Michelle and Jalique should also be around to help in the paddock.

If we are fortunate enough to win a race, all members are invited to the Winners’ Circle for the photo, no guests please. File in as quickly as possible and gather for the photo. There will be folks there to help shepherd us in and out as orderly as we can be – let’s hope that this is an issue we will need to deal with often!

In the event that the race on Friday is off the turf, MUNDY will be scratched. Should that occur early in the day, we will let you know via the blog as quickly as possible. Scratches are also posted on the Canterbury Park website starting around 11 AM and are updated throughout the day.


1 thought on “Paddock Groups and Friday Night at Silks

  1. An idea for winning circle photos – if too many people – take a picture – let horse go out and walk around while next group enters as soon as they can and take another picture. The horse is cooling down while walking & this would only take a few minutes.

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