Our boy is doing well. Clay is happy the way he’s been working out. Right now he’s galloping and jogging over the track about 1.5 to 2.5 miles a day. We entered today for Thursday night in a $16,000 claiming race but the race only drew 5 entries. It did not come back as an extra for Friday but it may on Saturday.

Now to explain the vernacular a bit and the process of entering a race.

Each season a condition book is written for the season. There are several over the course of the season and they generally cover about a month at a time. It lists each racing day and the races planned for each day including substitute races. The order of the races on any particular day are NOT necessarily the order of the races for that day. The order is chosen AFTER the races are drawn to create the best wagering menu for that racing day.

You can click on this link to open up Canterbury’s condition book 2: Condition Book 2

Each morning trainers enter their horses for racing. They enter via a computer in the racing office that is in a cubicle so no one can see which horse is being entered. There is video board on the wall that tracks the number of entries in each race, NOT the name, just a running count of the number of entries.

Races that are in the published condition book are used first so, in theory, if condition book races all fill, none of the extras are used – not a common occurrence. Generally each race day is comprised of races from the condition book as well as the extras.

Once the races are decided upon, the racing office puts out an “overnights and extras” sheet listing that day’s race card as well as the “extra” races being offered for the next racing day. They are called “extras” because they are extra to the condition book. They may be there by virtue of almost being filled but not quite so maybe a couple of days will draw enough entries, because a trainer requested a specific type of race or the possibility that the complexion of the horses on the backside has changed a bit so different races need to be written.

You can click here to open up the overnights and extras sheet for Thursday: June18 overnight w extras

To bring it back full circle, we entered a $16,000 claiming race on Thursday and there were only 5 entrants. The race did not come back as an extra for Friday but we MAY see it on the extra sheet for Saturday. In which case we shall enter again and hopefully we can garner a couple of more entrants with the extra couple of days to make the race go on Saturday afternoon. We will know tomorrow if it is back on the extra sheet and would enter on Wednesday for Saturday.


We don not have a definitive day for our first tour yet. There are a few conflicts over the next few weeks but right now I am tentatively looking at July 12, the day after the Lady Canterbury and the Mystic Lake Mile. This is NOT definite but I hope to etch it in stone shortly.

This will NOT be the only opportunity to come out and visit, we’ll be looking to do another in early August and, if necessary, in early September.


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