TENS WILD, under a great ride from Denny Velazquez, made a bold move through the turn and held off a challenger late to win by 2 lengths yesterday at Hawthorne.

Admittedly I was a little nervous early because no one was going with the one horse on the lead but he was so rank down the backside I was glad to see Denny let TENS set sail through the turn. While the 8 horse kept getting close in the lane, it was obvious that TENS had plenty left in the tank to not only hold him off, but to actually extend the lead and triumph by 2.

I will have the latest financials up in a few days through September. Not surprisingly we are still waiting on the vet bill…

We will see how TENS comes back and then we’ll aim for another race in about 3 weeks. Maybe one more at this level and then start dropping him to get the claim and finish off the year. Ideally we can finish off with a nice little run!

For those of you that have been following the Alumni Group (CAC Racing), their new horse will be making his career debut on Tuesday in the first race of the day at Hawthorne. It is a $17,500 maiden claiming sprint over the main track. Good look to them!

Congratulations and we’ll see if we can keep this going!!


5 thoughts on “CONGRATULATIONS!!

  1. So did we qualify for the bonus money being that we were an illinois bred or not? And if so do we get 60% of that money or how does that work?


    • That’s an interesting question because I had read that it was an Illinois bred award. In the chart, however, it says Illinois owner award.

      The race was written with the extra money being available for only Illinois owners, not Illinois bred horses so we are not eligible.

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