Great Morning, Miscellaneous Items


It was a gorgeous morning this morning at the track for those of you that were able to make it out.  A lot of questions and answers – which was terrific.  And you all dusted all but one of the donuts: a testament to both us and the food and beverage folks that hit the number right on the head.

Our girl gave a jog past for those that were able to catch her.  She was only going an easy mile today so if you blinked, you missed her (or were listening to me ramble).  Even Heather missed getting a shot of her!

I did hear from a few of you that you were able to catch her as she went by, so that was good.  We’ll get a better look at her when she’s brought our for us on the backside tours.  It’s important to remember that on the race track it’s all business.  She needs to get her work in the way Nevada wants her to get her work in.  We’re only observing.

Ideally we’ll find her a spot next weekend but we will see things open up Memorial Day weekend with 4 days of racing.

Next Horse

We are still on the lookout.  Looking at the program today there were a couple that were interesting but that also presented with some serious flaws: suspicious class drop, weak back races that may make them look in better form than they are, etc., so we continue to look forward.

Other Groups

Several of you pulled me aside to ask about the Alumni and other groups and what that entails.  If you are interested, please email me separately at and I will get you details.  I don’t like using this space for that but I also can’t keep everyone interested straight in my head so for the only time this season here I will ask that if you’re interested, just let me know via email and I’ll write you all down and keep it separate.


1 thought on “Great Morning, Miscellaneous Items

  1. Thanks for organizing Ted. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself (as you seemed to be the popular guy this morning) but I did get to meet Heather. I gave my donut to my 10 year old step daughter and even after she ate her donut, as we were walking out she saw there were two left so I let her take one more 🙂


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