Belle In Friday Night!

Brilliant Belle will go out and try and rinse the bitter taste of Jerry’s claim/injury on Friday night. She’ll be going in the 7th race of the evening, has drawn post 4 and will carry the victorious Justin Shepherd once again. The race is a $20,000 claiming race (nearly three times her purchase price!) going five furlongs over the main track. A salty group of 7 will head postward about 9:22 PM and Group 2 shall lead them…into the paddock.

As a reminder, Group 2 is: Nierman – Zessman

She worked an easy maintenance work this morning, covering 3 furlongs in :38.86. Nevada liked the way she went and she came back just fine.

Attached is the first financial statement of the year through May but does include the $7500 claim on Thursday night, just so it can show a more complete picture at this point in time.

CRC 2017 Running financials – MAY

Finally, if you haven’t seen a bowed tendon before, below is a picture of Jerry’s. We went out to the farm to see him yesterday before he heads north tomorrow and took this picture so you all can see it “live”. He obviously is very sore. We also snapped this picture of him as well. I know it looks like he’s sticking his tongue out at us, but he’s not – it was just a cute picture. He’s a very sweet horse and we certainly hope he can recover and go on to a second career somewhere – even if it’s just as someone’s trail riding horse.

The bowed tendon is on the left. You can see the huge discrepency in size between the two.


6 thoughts on “Belle In Friday Night!

  1. I am going to be making it back to Canterbury for the first time this weekend since our win with Belle. Can I still get an image of our win? I know it has been a bit of time but it not easy for me to get down to Shakopee.

    • Absolutely! Just follow the directions down to the photographers officr from an earlier post and they’ll make you one!

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