Photo: Last Chance

I have a head count and I’ll be finalizing things with the Remington track photographer the next couple of days.  Jeff and I will figure our distribution but will likely be something like the following:

I will generate a list of all the RSVPs and put it with the photos at one of the information booths at Canterbury.  As you pick up your photo, you’ll be marked off the list.

The ACTUAL method of pick up will be posted on here when the photos come in.

This is you last opportunity to order a photo in the comments section if you haven’t already.  If you do not reserve a photo, the only chance you will have to order will be on your own.

Thanks again for a fantastic year and congratulations again on the win!



4 thoughts on “Photo: Last Chance

  1. I would like to request one for my neighbor Jim Kary who is a member of the club but probably won’t make it out to pick it up. If that is ok, I will pick up his when I pick up mine! Thanks

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