Satellite in on Monday

The race we wanted finally filled and Satellite will be part of the field closing out Monday night at Canterbury.

The race is a $5000 for horses that have not won a race since May 10 or never won 4 races.  How did we qualify, you ask?  He’s won more than four races AND we just won last out, well after May 10.

There was a stipulation in the conditions that said that races that were $4000 claimers or less do not count toward the total or the date.  Since our last win was in a $4,000 claiming race, it doesn’t count for purposes of this race.

The race is going a mile over the main track.  We drew the outside, post 7, with Ry Eikleberry aboard.

There are some familiar foes like Herbie and another hard knocker like Blue Bomber.  It should be a good one and is scheduled for roughly 8:35 PM.

As of right now admission policy will be the same as the last few races: there is a list at the ticket office and you’ll get your wrist band and need to stay on track level.  This is being stringently enforced now, so keep that in mind.  And, again, this is for the Clubber only.  Friends and family will need to go through the reservations procedures. Masks are required.

There is no paddock access.  Should we be lucky enough to win we will have to see what we can do at that time for winners’ circle access.

I will have the packets of pictures with me before the race.  I will be outside our number at the paddock before our race as well as on the apron during and just afterward.  I have about 40 copies of each.  Should we run out, I will order more.

Lilly is doing well and ready to enter.  As soon as a low-mid level claiming, non-winners of 2 turf sprint is up, we’ll be entering.


4 thoughts on “Satellite in on Monday

    • As of right now, it’s the same as the last few races – everyone. BUT that could change with the new guidelines. There will be a post before the weekend.

  1. When I was there on Monday, there was NO ticket pickup. You had to buy your tickets in advance. Thinks might have changed.

    • The Club is treated differently but watch this space: things have changed since the Club’s last race and we may need to limit access and change the procedure. We should know in a few days.

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