Once Again, No Go

The race did not fill again today and it is not back as an extra on the overnight. The race is in the condition book for Aug. 22 going a route and on Aug. 28 going short. If the office hasn’t been able to fill this race at all this week I don’t see how they can get both of those to go so we may be forced to enter the route.

There is a chance that you get last chance stabbers entering N2L types into a race like that just to run one final time but passing the route in hopes that the sprint will fill could mean not having a race at all.

Normally having a horse with conditions is a good thing but it sure has not been here in August.


17 thoughts on “Once Again, No Go

  1. When initially looking at the entries in DRF for both Thursday 8/20 and Friday 8/21 I thought there were a couple races that suited TQ. Then I looked at the condition book and saw she had already met those particular conditions. My understanding of the condition book may be limited, and my desire to have TQ run again might be clouding what I'm reading. Couldn't the condition be written to include horses that have never one all the way up to say two or three wins? Or would that be unfair to the horses trying to get their first win? I have a question pertaining to TQ and what an owner would do differently from a racing standpoint. I understand the point of this ownership group; for learning and getting our feet wet so to speak. My question is: After TQ won her first, then her second race, would any other owner have shipped her out? I'm specifically noting the trouble we're having finding a race and the possibility of larger purses at other tracks. I kow this wouldn't suit the club that was formed, but has running her at Canterbury all summer been in her best interest, in spite of it being in our best interest? I'm interested from a learning and understanding point of view.One last thing. Is it possible for all or part of the current ownership group to purchase TQ? I realise that certain requirements would have to be met, that we as club members currently do not possess. Thanks again for this opportunity and your response to my comments and questions

  2. Nathan: There was one race on Thursday where she could have run: a N3L on the turf for $15,000 claimers. That would have been a very tough spot. With limited opportunity remaining, a race where she has a chance to win is probably the best idea. Horses that have won one race can run in a N2L and a N3L. TQ could run in a N4L if that were available but her preferred level would be N3L. She also could run in a claiming race with no restrictions or conditions. Shipping to another track is always an option. Prairie Meadows runs N3L claiming sprints. Arlington does on occasion but they don't offer them for Illinois breds. The right Illinois bred allowance race would not be out of the question but this time of the year they are pretty tough. Once Hawthorne gets started it softens up a bit. That still is a tall task. Tammy does run horses at Arlington. She just won there on Saturday. Many trainers here ship to Iowa to race when nothing is written for them at Canterbury.It would be possible for the ownership 'club' to continue on with TQ. I doubt all the members would want to do that so a new group would have to form and purchase TQ from our group. Not out of the question at all and something worth discussing this week.jm

  3. I would be curious to find out the costs involved to ship a horse to another racetrack. Could you post some approximate costs??It doesn't look real promising that she'll run one more time at Canterbury this season, and it would be nice to give TQ another opportunity to run. We can always watch the simulcast at Canterbury!!

  4. Good morning, club! I would like to share an alternative view. I have enjoyed all aspects of this summer and learning about the business of thoroughbred racing. But before incurring any more costs, perhaps it is time to close this project, as per the original agreement. Perhaps the decision on what to do with TQ rightly belongs to her new/future owner. Best regards, Dave

  5. I say we each get to take TQ for a jog around the track, say goodbye to our little filly and send her off to her next home. (Ok, kidding about the jog–don't want Tammy to faint.)I would love to see TQ run again but there are only two weeks left with no solid race option, so it looks like it's time to wish TQ happy trails. Why ship her off for a week or two or three? Shipping her out, interesting as the idea is, would have made more sense a month ago. To do so now just prolongs the accumulating costs and the inevitable parting.It's time to call it a season, do the right thing for the horse, and get her a new owner (unless enough of you are serious about buying her).I have had my thrills and my experience doing this has been worthwhile in terms of learning a lot and getting a cool perspective on horse racing. I was hoping for one more photo for my office wall, but so it goes. ko

  6. Ahh yes the way of the horse owner. This is frustrating but looking at the condition book there looks like a couple of races on the 23rd that look right.(2nd and the 5th) I'm curious on how the selection to races are made. We seem to be looking only at extras Maybe it's been mentioned. It seems some trainers have multiple horses in one race, and we can't nail one.How is it looking for the back side tour?

  7. If there is absolutely no chance of getting her entered in another race, can we at least get another backside pass to see her again? (OK, I'm a big softie!)Janet

  8. I agree that we should consider a shift in focus and work toward finding a buyer. It has been a good run and a great learning experience, but it looks like it might have run its course.

  9. Looking at the condition book there are a couple races that seem to fit our girls needs that run on Saturday the 22nd. Plus there are two on Sunday the 23rd. Are we in contention for any of these?4 FOURTH RACE CLAIMINGPURSE $8,000. (PLUS $2,400 FROM MBF FOR MN BREDS) FOR FILLIES AND MARES THREE YEARSOLD AND UPWARD.Three Year Olds 117 lbs. Older 121 lbs.Non-winners of a race since July 22 2 lbs.A race since June 22 4 lbs.CLAIMING PRICE $5,000(Races where entered for $4,000 or less not considered)SIX FURLONGS5 FIFTH RACE CLAIMINGPURSE $8,000. (PLUS $2,400 FROM MBF FOR MN BREDS) FOR THREE YEAR OLDS AND UPWARD.Three Year Olds 118 lbs. Older 122 lbs.Non-winners of a race since July 22 2 lbs.A race since June 22 4 lbs.CLAIMING PRICE $5,000(Races Where Entered For $4,000 Or Less Not Considered In Allowances)SIX AND ONE HALF FURLONGS8/232 SECOND RACE CLAIMINGPURSE $7,500. (PLUS $2,250 FROM MBF FOR MN BREDS) FOR THREE YEAR OLDS AND UPWARDWHICH HAVE NEVER WON THREE RACES.Three Year Olds 118 lbs. Older 122 lbs.Non-winners of a race since July 23 2 lbs.CLAIMING PRICE $7,500SIX FURLONGS5 FIFTH RACE CLAIMINGPURSE $12,000. (PLUS $3,600 FROM MBF FOR MN BREDS) FOR FILLIES AND MARES THREE YEARSOLD AND UPWARD.Three Year Olds 117 lbs. Older 121 lbs.Non-winners of a race since July 23 2 lbs.A race since June 23 4 lbs.CLAIMING PRICE $10,000 MINNESOTA BREDS $15,000SIX FURLONGS

  10. Our thoughts are to keep her where she started with us all – right here. If she gets another shot at CBY – great! If not – such is the life of a race horse co-owner. Cheryle & I have gotten so much out of this whole arrangement it's hard to ask for more, but if no more TQ on the track, then a final farewell & photo op in the stables would be the icing on the cake. But hey, no tears yet – keep trying for one last go! See ya trackside…Brett & Cheryle

  11. If there is any interest from a buyer then sell. If she needs to be listed for sale then list her. She might not change hands for the next two weeks anyway. No need to keep her off the market while pouring more money into a horse that rarely runs (Tammy's 3 to 4 week lay-off preference), is pretty much out of options to run (fewer races for a filly available and she ran through her conditions right away), and the season comes to an end in two weeks.

  12. There are a couple of races for TQ. One being the route for N3L. Running against the boys in an open company race would be an uphill battle. But maybe facing girls in an open $5,000 claimer is an option. I will ask Tammy tomorrow. She would have entered TQ right back the weekend of Aug. 8 had a race been available. We now have been waiting three weeks for the race to fill. I know that feelers have been put out in search of a buyer, as we had planned.Backside tour Wedneasday, Aug. 26 ?JM

  13. Wed the 26th is a date, let us know what time and where to meet (hopefully it will work for everyone else) and will keep my fingers crossed for another race. Thanks!Janet

  14. I want to see her run again but not too excited about putting her in a race with the boys that she is very overmatched for (at least overmatched on paper).What time would the tour be?

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