Final Bills Paid

Both the vet bill and monthly training statement for August arrived today. This should be it but we will wait another week to make sure there is nothing else out there. I have submitted a request for these invoices to be paid.

There was $13,960 in the account.

Vet bill= $356 this includes prep for two races etc
Monthly Training = $1,825
$50 per day = $1535 30 days in training and one out of training (after the meet)
farrier= $100
percentage of earning (10%) for second place finish= $150
pony to gate for two races= $40

Account= 11,779

We should begin the dispersal of the account soon.


27 thoughts on “Final Bills Paid

  1. Ryan: Those amount were added. On Aug 8 the account was $11,678 with a vet bill outstanding. The $1,500 purse transaction was added as was the sale price. The Aug. bills were then paid. I just added a jpeg of the account on the post. You can double click to enlarge itjm

  2. So, just curious, why are the last two months of training so much higher?? You lost me there…..I thought the day rate was $50, but the last 2 months we paid Tammy $1800+ ??

  3. You are correct about the $50 per day. August for example there were 30 days of training and then the 31st she was out of training so the rate was $35. Add in the $100 for the farrier, $40 for the pont for two races, and the 10% trainer fee for the second place finish ($150)and the total is $1,825.July was 31 days at $50 = $1550Farrier = $100Pony to gate=$20percentage of earnings from 2nd place finish=$150total $1820thanks for the questions. keep them

  4. Jesse Olesiak bought TQ. I checked online and the papers have not been transferred yet. Jesse worked for trainer David Van Winkle for awhile. This season I think he was working for a supplement company. I will do a bit more

  5. I have some financial #'s on the partnership for those of you who are interested. Obviously, since the partnership began with cash of $15,600 and is ending with cash of $11,780, the partnership had a overall loss of $3,820. This overall loss is due to the buying & selling of TQ. However, the partnership did have a operating profit (do not include buying and selling of TQ) of $700 or 5.5% of gross earnings. Looking at the operating side, TQ made a profit of $700 or 5.5%. The profit that was made in May (won 2 races)absorbed any losses that were incurred in the subsequent months. Other interesting items:Average monthly (May – Aug.)expenses were $2,112.To no surprise, the daily trainer fee was the highest expense. Incurred $6,335 for the meet. Second was vet/medication at $2,152.TQ earned $12,270 (gross) for the meet.Jose made almost as much as Tammy did in race day earnings/fees ($1,100 vs. $1,140)20% of race day earnings went to race day expenses (i.e. trainer share, jockey share/fees, pony to gate, etc.)TQ was sold for a loss of $4,500 ($6000-1500).By my calculation we s/b getting back approx. $193 ($11,780/61). Even though a loss, the overall experience made up for this and was well worth it.Ryan

  6. Ryan-the only problem I see with your figures, is that you have the Partnership as 61 people and the starting balance as $15,600. 61 people x $250 = $15,250, so there were either more partners or someone made up the difference. Also we need to see if Barry had invested anything in the partnership and that should be returned to him (same percentage as he would have contributed). Just a few tweeks there and I am sure Jeff will let us know what we might have coming back to us.Thanks again for a great summer!

  7. Thanks for the feedback. I originally asked that same question awhile back re: how proceeds will be distributed. Will it based on how the partnership was set up? Barry's contribution was $600 or 3.8% while the rest of us(i.e. 60) was $15,000 ($250 x 60) or 96.2%. Proceeds s/b distributed based on contribution unless Barry wass given 10% or so as a goodwill but I thougt I read where proceeds would be distributed equally among the 61 partners. Ryan

  8. I for one view the $61 loss (250-189) well worth the amount of fun and learning I had over the summer. I am quite interested to see how TQ continues to do. I am wondering if the track managment viewed this experiment as a sucess as I do?

  9. Ok it's been a while, I haven't found any info on TQ. The DRF watch hasn't shown anything on her. And nothing on the trainer Jesse Olesiak. Tammy however is doing well at Arlington.Thanks,Al

  10. Al: I have not seen any activity either. It could be she is being given a break or the connections opted to try a different circuit. Tammy has done well at Arlington. Keeping an eye on Canterbury shippers can be lucrative. Remington has produced a couple of

  11. ko: it could be fun to do an advanced Canterbury College class. Maybe something just focusing on one topic such as pace etc.Remind me again in December. I will think about it for the time being and maybe it can fit in on a sunday where i don't have regular CBY

  12. I see she worked the other dayDate: October 4, 2009Track: BEULAH PARKDistance: Four FurlongsTime: 52:00 BreezingTrack Condition: FastSurface:DirtRank:7/9

  13. Tahitian QueenEntry10-10-2009Pinnacle Race CourseDirt6 Furlongs5$6,100$5,000$5,000Claiming1Olesiak JCanterbury will be simulcasting Pinnacle Saturday. Post time for the 5th race is around 2:45 I think.JM

  14. She was bumped hard coming out of the gate, but it didn't seem to bother her, and she went on to a nice second, in pretty good time. I think she's progressing just fine. Too bad the payoffs were so small. Darlene

  15. Looks like she's up for another round.Horse name Tahitian Queen Notes Activity type Entry Activity date 10-21-2009 Track Beulah Surface Dirt Distance 5 1/2 Furlongs Race number 8 Purse $4,400 Claim price $5,000 Individual claim price $5,000 Race type Claiming Post position 3 Jockey Olesiak J Good for Jesse, he seems to run alot of his own horses. Al

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