Meeting Crown the Cat

There have been multiple requests asking when people might be able to meet Crown the Cat, so we have put together the first stable tour. This is the first of multiple opportunities, if you can’t make this one work out, don’t worry, there will be other chances.

Stable Tour: Wednesday, June 8 – 5:00 p.m.
Meeting Place: Canterbury Stable Entrance
RSVP: If you are planning on attending, please e-mail Andrew at and give him the number of people that are going to attend so that we can have an idea how many people will be going to the barn.
(Exit 169 on Canterbury Rd, go straight through the stop light by the McDonalds and take a left at the second Canterbury Entrance on Barenscheer Blvd).

Below, you’ll find a video of Crown the Cat’s typical daily exercise routine. This video was shot yesterday and shows her galloping a couple of miles over Canterbury’s main track. Trainer Kenny Jansen was aboard her for the workout.
Per usual, please post any questions you may have regarding your race horse. See some of you next Wednesday!


4 thoughts on “Meeting Crown the Cat

  1. We really enjoy this blog and watching these videos. Thank you so much the the updates. We live in the northern suburbs, so hard to get there at 5 on a weeknight. Is there anyway the next meeting of Crown the Cat could be around 7?Can hardly wait till tomorrow to see her on TV!

  2. Looking ahead till next weekend in the condition book on Friday the 10th there are two races CTC could get into either the 5th or 6th race. Then again on the 11th in either the 6th or S2 or S3.

  3. Jeff & Jan – We will do our best to make sure that the next meeting takes place at a different time. Possibly after the races on a weekend. We'll do our best to make sure everyone has a chance to meet the Cat.Jim – Andrew will put together a post tomorrow on where we are most likely to enter next. You are right that she could run in most of these races. However, the races you point to on Friday are open to both boys and girls while the ones on Saturday are restricted to girls. There is no need to put a girl in against the boys so we're going to focus on the races on Saturday. The 6th on Saturday is going to be some tougher horses, ones that broke their maidens at a higher level. S2 is restricted to horses that are three years old, Crown the Cat is four, so she is ineligible for that race. S3 is the race we'll be focusing on. This race ran last weekend, We'll include that as a part of the analysis tomorrow.Ann – The video is supposed to be posted to Fox 9's website tomorrow. We'll provide a link when it comes up.

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