You’re Winners!!

Nice job by Alex Canchari and ASK EDDY today!!

Riding with patience behind a hot early pace, Alex moved EDDY through the turn to take on the leaders and then had to hold off MILES HEIR’s charge down the lane to win by two. We were able to squeeze everyone into the winners’ circle but it was very tight – especially with Mr. Cranky Pants not being the sweetest horse in the world! But we did it and we have some word on the photos.

We will take the money for the photos out of the club account but it will take a while to print out 179 pictures and have them ready for distribution. I will be back in touch via this space and probably with an email as well. Last year a LOT of photos went unclaimed (which costs us money once they get printed). If you’re not interested in a photo, please send me an email ( so we can pull you off the list and save the group some money.

We’ll have some video in the next day or so and post that as well.

Congratulations everyone! Winning is hard and you pulled it off!


16 thoughts on “You’re Winners!!

  1. Give EDDY a carrot cake and Clay whatever he wants! Huge thrill, and Mr. Cranky Pants can be as cranky as he wants – he’s earned the right! — Lyn Cowan

  2. I was sorry that I couldn;’t be there today 😦 Nice job Alex and Eddy & Clay!!! There will be many more winning pictures!!!

  3. Race couldn’t have set up any better for Eddy. Two speedballs quarter horse for a half mile and Eddy is right there stalking when the speed backs up. Great ride by Alex. Would like to see him ride Eddy again. Hope Eddy came out of the race well and we will be seeing him in about 3 weeks. That was a lot of fun! Congrats to everyone!

    • I was very impressed the way Alex knew just how much horse he had left. That was an excellent move heading into the far turn and he sustained it all the way through the wire. Very nice job.

  4. What a good way to start out the season with a 1st and 3rd. It was a very fun race to watch Ask Eddy coming down the stretch. Very good job by the Jock and Trainer getting him ready and running. Look forward to seeing Mundy soon. How did Eddy come back from the race? Hope he handled it well!

    • Usually takes a couple of days to see if anything developed in a horse after a race but I can say he was very pleased with himself last night and was moving around just fine. It didn’t appear that the race took a lot out of him but we’ll see in a few days.

  5. I had a great time watching Eddy win yesterday.
    I don’t know what strings you pulled to get everyone onto the winners circle and photo, but thanks a bunch.

  6. What a fabulous race! It all went well for Eddy – Clay had him perfectly ready and Alex rode him perfectly. Lots of fun! Glad to hear Eddy is doing well so far (and I really like the name Cranky Pants – you’ll have to tell us more why you refer to him that way). I swear he counted the number of people in the winner’s circle…..

      • We were talking with Clay’s assistant and Heather mentioned to him how much she loves being with Eddy and he said to her, “Then you’re the only one” if that tells you anything! He’s just not a people horse but he’ll tolerate you for a little bit.

  7. Ted – How was Eddy’s time for the distance and surface? Considering Eddy won by a length and a half over Miles Heir and Miles Heir was 12 lengths clear on the 3rd place finisher, is it possible that Eddy moves up in class? Or was his strong showing a function of the way the race played out?

    • It wasn’t bad. His Beyer speed figure was a 76, so pretty good. He and MILES HEIR were the class of that group, no question. EDDY’s question isn’t so much how fast he ran the last race, but how he is when he gets back on the racetrack to work later this week (he’ll get about 4-5 days off before he heads back to gallop). If he appears to be feeling good then we will be looking to move him up a little.

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