Eddy’s Day in Video and Pictures

Here is some video shot by Michelle Benson on Eddy’s race including some great “jockey cam” footage along with some still shots by Heather Frisbie. Congratulations again and ENJOY!!

(Video Credit: Michelle Benson)

Eddy breaks alertly  (#6)

Eddy breaks alertly (#6)

Eddy pulling away looking like he's flying

Eddy pulling away looking like he’s flying

Ready Eddy in the paddock, looking the part of a winner

Ready Eddy in the paddock, looking the part of a winner

Eddy making it official

Eddy making it official

(All Photo Credits: Heather Frisbie)


34 thoughts on “Eddy’s Day in Video and Pictures

  1. Great pictures! What a great experience! Lets do it again! It was our anniversary yesterday what a great way to celebrate!

  2. Clay, you had him ready, wonderful training job. I had that as a six horse race, what a powerful move at the quarter pole, I thought it might have been too soon, but he held it together. That was really, really fun.

  3. This is fabulous, loved seeing the video and great pictures! Really appreciate you doing and posting things like this.

    I noticed Eddy was partially braided – nice touch.

    • I always bet on horses with braided manes. I figure their trainer thinks they need to look good when they have their picture taken.

  4. Just received word from a guy I work with, that a group was actually interested in buying Eddy. They were going to put the money down for him on Saturday, but did not get it in on time. The trainer taking over would have been Phil Hartman. I am sure after that performance and being 6-8 lengths clear of the 3rd place horse he will be moving up in class. However just know Eddy made a statement and there was interest before that race there certainly is now!

    • I’m not surprised, I really thought he would be claimed on Saturday. Glad we’ll have the chance to see him run again as ours.

      • In an interesting twist, both horses best lifetime Beyer speed figures are 91. Neither were set recently. MUNDY’s last race earned her a 67, I believe.

  5. I was just reading my Blood Horse and noticed a notice which indicated that Ross Brinson (Clay and Gary’s father) died on June 13. Our condolences to Clay and his family.

  6. Ted, Just was curious as to type of race Clay will put Eddy in next time.., would it be $5,000 or more? Just wondering and thanks for all you do to make the club fun. Pat

    • Thanks, Pat, but it’s all the folks in the group that make it fun!

      I think I’m going to address class, claiming and conditions in a post later this week. EDDY’s race was a $4,000 claiming race but also had the added condition for horses that haven’t won 2 races in 2013 therefore giving us a weaker bunch than if it was a race just for $4,000 claimers and no other conditions.

    • Pat, the next step up the claiming ladder would be something like the race in the condition book for July 6. May be too soon though. It is a $5000 claimer for non winners of 2 races in 2013. In the conditions, it excludes races won with a claiming price of $4000 or less. That would still make Eddy eligible for that condition. Best to give your horse the best chance to win you can!

      • Possibly not, but an “open” $6250 claiming race (one with no conditions like “non-winners of 2 races in 2013”) is going to be considerably more difficult. There will be horses that have not been able to win at $10,000 dropping in and older horses that are consistent but no one wants to claim because of their age that are proven at that level. EDDY won a conditioned $4,000 claiming race – even an “open” $5000 claiming race is going to be challenge and, as of right now, we don’t even know how he’s feeling and won’t, really, until he gets on to the racetrack again on Friday to gallop.

  7. That is $5400 before the jockey and trainer payouts… gladly pay them that money as they sure earned it..

  8. I was unable to attend the race, but have a question. I know there was some concern about the number of people in the winner’s circle picture. Did it work out ok or will there be restrictions going forward as to limiting the number included in the picture? (Assuming of course that we win again.)

    • We got everyone that was there in the Circle. It was a tight squeeze and we made more than a few folks nervous given that even the best horses can wheel and kick out pretty swiftly – and our EDDY is not the sweetest of horses. However, everyone did fit and we’ll hopefully have another bite at it…or two…or more…before the season ends. We’ll continue to play it by ear but we were pretty close to capacity this past Saturday.

    • She ran on the 24th so the very barest of minimums you’d want to give a thoroughbred (except under the rarest of circumstances) is two weeks – preferably three to four. I would not anticipate running until after the 4th of July.

  9. What is the status of scheduling the back side tours? Can a weekday morning tour be a possibility for one of the tours? The energy and activities on those days/times with workouts, pool and backside bustle provides a different perspective on normal daily activities.

    • I’m working on dates and timing on the tours now. Remember that there is no real distinction between weekdays and weekends on the backside. All that activity and bustle also makes it very difficult to navigate around with a group of 50 or so people – danger and liability are very high and we will only be doing 3 or 4 tours though I am working on a way to try and incorporate the morning works with the tours. I’ll keep you all posted.

  10. I would guess you meant the 14th for Mundy. Her 3 weeks will be up in about a week. Anxious to see her as I had to miss the last one!

    • I wasn’t pinning an exact date on her, only that it would not be until sometime after the 4th of July: 2 weeks from the 14th is the 28th and the 4th is around 3. Some horses can go 3, some need 5 – it all varies and can even vary at times with the same horse. She’ll let us know when she’s ready and hopefully there will be a race to enter her in as soon as she is!

  11. Hey Ted, will you be updating the status of the account on a monthly or somewhat regular basis by chance? Just interested to know the cost of everything, like getting Eddy shipped to Canterbury and back to health before racing, daily training fees and such. It’d be good info to have on the chance of putting a little ownership group together myself next year or down the road.

    Also, getting to the winners circle on Saturday was awesome! Can’t wait for the picture!

    • As I mentioned to another commenter, as soon as we receive the bills, I will have the spreadsheet posted with some explanations. We’re just waiting on the training and vet bills and then I’ll have it all posted. Thanks!

  12. Ted I don’t know how to get the video of mundy ( go to work with mundy) post that Michelle put together. This may sound dumb but can you tell me how. Thanks! Sam

  13. Ted – the post that says there’s Go to work with Mundy doesn’t show for me, and the link doesn’t work. Thanks.

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