This Weekend

As you know, we did not claim a horse opening weekend.  We thought about a couple but thought better of them. It’s a good thing, too, because both I was looking at finished up the track!

I think there is a better than average chance that we get a horse this weekend.  There are more “open” claiming races this weekend from $5,000 to $16,000.

By open claiming races I refer to races where there are no conditions left.  Claiming races are classified by price, as you know.  But there are also striations within each claiming rank.  Here is an example in the $5,000 ranks from “easiest” to “hardest”:

$5,000 claiming, non-winners of 2 races lifetime;

$5,000 claiming, non-winners of 3 race lifetime;

$5,000 claiming, non-winners of 4 lifetime;

$5,000 claiming, non-winners of a race in the last year;

$5,000 claiming, non-winners of 2 races in the last year.

$5,000 claiming

You either want to pick up a horse early in the process or one that has cleared it’s conditions and proven it can compete in “open” claiming races.  Our focus is on the latter.  Those horses tend to be a bit more consistent and have at least proven that they can win races.  A horse that still has conditions left is nice too – unless they can’t make the climb.  So our plan is to go the safer route (safe being a relative term in the realm of racehorse ownership).  We’re very hopeful that there will be one or two this weekend that we can drop a slip on.

Stay tuned.


12 thoughts on “This Weekend

  1. We need a horse soon. Lost 3 weeks already. We claim a horse, we wait another 3-4 weeks for the next race. Can we buy a race ready horse from someone and not claim a horse? Still waiting……..

    • We understand and appreciate your patience. Clay has looked into a couple of private purchase horses but has found the price too high for the type of animal it was.

      I understand the need for a horse sooner rather than later and we’re lowering our sites considerably this coming weekend and are looking to emerge from the weekend with one. It may not be what we want entirely but we’ll be racing.

  2. Considering that we have had 2 months less of training expenses, have you thought about raising the claiming price up to $20,000? It may give us a horse with much more “purse” potential for the rest of the season. Just a thought. With a win it would probably let us buy a second horse too.

    • Funny you should say that. We were just talking about that this morning. There have been a few that I would like to swing at and get have Clay take a look. That’s something you may see happen this weekend.

    • She was one we talked about for a while today. Three red flags: 2 months off for no apparent reason; only worked on the turf; no works in 3 weeks. The thought: there may be some foot issues there. Too risky for $20,000. She should have won that for fun and was life and death for 4th.

      • Good careful consideration of the horse. Especially after watching her struggle at the end of the race.

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