Vanderboom, Miz Owell Falter

Vanderboom did not run the kind of race we had hoped for last night.  He was in a great spot early but when Denny Velazquez asked him heading into the turn, there was nothing there.  He faltered down the lane and finished a disappointing 8th.

Talking to Denny after the race he said that he felt that Boomer just wasn’t getting his feet up and out of the mud very well.  Early on it wasn’t bad but as the race progressed he was getting more and more tired and was empty late.

He’ll rest up and we’ll look to find him a softer spot before the meet ends and we shift to Chicago.

Miz Owell is having some issues.  She’s developed a little soreness in the hock and this past week she’s developed some soreness in an ankle.  What she needs is four to six months off to be out in a field and heal up.

For the Club, where we need to be horseless by the end of the season, this isn’t an option for us, so we will be looking to sell her to someone who has that kind of time or someone that would like her as a broodmare.  She’s an E Dubai out of a Mizzen Mast mare and should be attractive to a breeder.  With the proper amount of rest and rehab, she could run again successfully next season as well.

We won’t get what we paid for her but we will get what we can while making sure that she’s going to a good home.

This has been a tough season for the Club, no question about it – especially on the heels of a pair of highly successful seasons.  But the Club is an educational experience and all lessons in racing aren’t happy.

The Thoroughbred has a beauty and a grace that is unmatched and for all it’s size and power there is an underlying fragility that makes this dance so intricate.

The business is a hard one and we have been very fortunate over the past few years to be able win more than our share of races and the joy has been great.  Bad breaks, injuries, rainouts, etc. are also part of the business and, though not pleasant parts, still issues that need to be dealt with and managed through.

The season is not over yet and Boomer can still win a few for us and, depending upon the finances, maybe we can pick up a replacement for Miz Owell, but we have to get her sold first.

Being a race horse owner is a thrilling, rewarding experience.  It can also be stressful, worrisome, difficult and trying. You take the good with the bad, like in anything.  Hopefully it is still fun to see the horses go the post and race for us and that the lessons learned, while so far this year are not the happy ones but the trying ones, are still lessons worth learning.  It’s not an easy business, but you dust yourself off, get back up and get back at it.  Because it’s worth it.


8 thoughts on “Vanderboom, Miz Owell Falter

  1. To be sure, it has been a disappointing season for us. However, I remain confident in the team of professionals we have that guide us through the important decisions and investments. Thanks for taking the risks we need (There has to be a lot of stress associated) and salvaging what can be salvaged. Steve and I look forward to the fresh start 2017 will bring.

  2. Yes it has been a little disappointing but still exciting and fun. And to me worth every penny. Thanks for the great job you all do to teach us and keep us going!

  3. Also wish Miz Owell the best and happy we have a trainer who spots these problems and has a recommendation that is the best for the horse.

  4. Ted, will there be a breakfast at the track to watch workouts, coffee, donuts and talk about the racing season and going forward this year?

    • That hasn’t been discussed. I don’t believe the Club sponsored this type of event in the past, thigh I believe that the MTA did. I don’t known if they have one planned but I would think not with such limited time left in the season.

    • It has been discussed in the comments on more recent posts but Jeff received the final vet bill today and I am finishing up the financials so in a few days we will have the renewal costs.

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