Gearing Up 2018

Currently the accounting is being processed for the 2018 Club. We don’t have the final number yet but it looks like this year’s Club may be the second largest in its history!

Hopefully everything will be finalized the end of this week, then we can go on and get the group licensed in Arkansas and get on the ball looking for horses.  We may claim them we may buy them privately, it just depends upon what Nevada can find for us.  He is already on the lookout and ready to go when we are.

We REALLY want to be ready opening weekend and hit the Canterbury season running, if you will.

Once we get the final numbers there will be another post outlining how many folks we have and what we’ll be looking for going forward.

THANK YOU to all of you that have rejoined or signed up for the first time this year!


10 thoughts on “Gearing Up 2018

  1. Your post mentions only Nevada. Are we looking at one trainer this year or will Clay be a possible inclusion on a second horse of deemed possible. Just curious. Looking forward to the start of our Racing season. Also glad to see a higher number this year with more people interested in the fun and realities of horse racing!

  2. Can we get a Facebook group for the club and alumni, a place where we can talk about attending events, talk about odds, handicapping, horses? I enjoy meeting people at the scheduled event days, but it is hard to keep in touch and build friendships between events. I am willing to create one as well if that would help!

  3. A Facebook page would be fun for the Club I think. It would be a good place to see who all the other Club members are and we could share in the fun photos others have taken on race days. I’m sure there would be a lot of exciting posts on all the winning race days we are going to celebrate this year!

    • We’re going to give it a shot so keep an eye out over the next week. And from your lips to God’s ears, folks – it’d be nice to get on a little roll this year!

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