Procedures for Racing

For the twenty folks listed on as the first group in the last post, here is your procedure for tomorrow night:

You will come in the main entrance (the new entrance around the corner from valet parking.

While masks are not required as long as you are not near anyone while you are on track level you WILL NEED A MASK for the temperature check area in the entry way.  Step up in front of the scanner and it will let you know when you are cleared to enter (100.4 is the cut off – over that and you will be denied entry).

Once you clear the temperature check area head on over to the ticket windows next to the escalators to receive you wrist ban.

Once you have your wrist ban you proceed to the track level down the hallway next to the escalators.

Keep in mind that the main level will be your level.  You cannot move upstairs due to occupancy limitation requirements.  There is some food and beverage available but not many outlets are open there is a limited menu, so keep that in mind.

We will also NOT have access to the paddock nor the winners’ circle (should we get lucky – it will be a tough one to win, but we’ll cover that tomorrow), so please keep that in mind as well.


The other filly was entered today for next Tuesday in a $5,000 maiden claiming sprint but the race didn’t fill.  Unfortunately it was not brought back as an extra for the next day but we’ll see what comes as an extra for Thursday.


After a bit of a hiccup, licensing is all set for Karl Broberg and the hunt has begun – and we’ll try and make it a quick one!


3 thoughts on “Procedures for Racing

  1. So I assume this club 20 enjoys free admission, do the rest of us clubbers enjoy this same
    free admission status clause as stated in our signed enrollment contract – even if we make reservations ?

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