Moving Forward

Gown was on the track this morning to gallop and exercise.

Tammy has a training plan in place.

The vet will inject her hocks with cortisone over the weekend. At that point she needs three days off and then returns to training on Thursday or Friday. The old fluid is removed and replaced with new fluid and the joint heals. “Just like they do with people,” Tammy said.
She also intends to take Gown to the starting gate afterwards. If she was not breaking well because of the sore hocks then she needs to learn that it does not hurt to break from the gate. Blinkers may also be added to see if she will be more focused. “We may try an extended cup,” she said.

Gown has not grown sour at all and continues to travel well over the track. There may be more than one solution to the problem or more than one problem for that matter. What we do know is that Tammy’s horses do not run the way Gown has so somewhere in there is an answer.



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