We Draw Today

Ted and Ed
(Photo Credit: Heather Frisbie)

Not a lot to report that you don’t already know. We draw today for Saturday and Mundy is feeling good and we’ll be looking for her next race in another week or two. However I did want to share the picture of Eddy deciding which race he thinks he could win as went over the condition book together.

I’m traveling most of the day but when I have the chance and I know if we drew in or not, I will pop a quick post up.


7 thoughts on “We Draw Today

  1. Haha, love the picture of you and Eddie. He really looks as if he’s helping you decide! It looks like he had a really good workout and is ready to go. Looking forward to seeing him run.

    • The “draw” is just the entry into the race. Comes from the day when more horses than could run would enter so slips were drawn to see who got in.

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